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Need a Jogger’s Holster? Find Out What Makes the Best Gun Holster for Runners

Need a Jogger’s Holster? Find Out What Makes the Best Gun Holster for Runners

Jogging is an excellent way to stay in shape. However, it shouldn’t affect your ability to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. With the right holster, you can effectively conceal a handgun, even in jogging clothes. Take a look at the criteria for determining the best jog holster for CCW on the go.

Holster Criteria

Holster retention is vital when carrying a concealed handgun; this is especially true when you’re running. Your holster should keep your firearm secure without restricting your range of motion or causing discomfort.

If you carry your handgun concealed, passive retention - which relies on friction - is ideal. This type of holster doesn’t require you to manipulate a lever, thumb break, or button to release your weapon. The best passive-retention holsters are made from Kydex, a thermoformed material matching the exterior dimensions of specific firearms.

As you exercise, you’ll be sweating far more than when concealed carrying under normal conditions. Therefore, your holster needs to feature a design and construction that protects your gun from the harmful effects of sweat. If left unchecked, perspiration can damage your gun’s finish, causing surface rust or corrosion.

Don’t neglect your comfort. An uncomfortable holster or carry position is one of the primary reasons that guns get left at home. Give yourself every reason to carry your firearm daily by choosing a holster that fits you properly.

Two essential elements to consider when selecting a gun holster for runners are the holster’s material and the presence of a sweat guard.

Holster Materials

When choosing your holster’s material, avoid porous materials such as leather or nylon. Instead, choose solid materials such as Kydex thermoplastic which holds up well against sweat.

Sweat Guards

A holster with a sweat guard (also called a sweat shield) provides additional protection to your gun.

The sweat guard works by providing a larger surface area on the body side of your holster, blocking sweat from reaching the inside of the shell and preventing it from touching your firearm.

Safety Considerations

When you’re forced to draw your weapon under stress, you need to ensure your index finger remains straight until you raise your weapon to eye level with the muzzle pointed toward the target. In addition, a gun holster for running should have a fully covered trigger guard to prevent your finger from contacting the trigger until your gun clears the holster.

It’s also imperative that you pay careful attention during the reholstering process.

A loose sweatshirt entering the holster mouth may interfere with your gun’s trigger, causing an unintentional discharge on the downward stroke.

If you’re reholstering your firearm, that should indicate that the threat has dissipated. As a result, you should always return your weapon to its holster slowly and carefully.

Additionally, when carrying in the 11-, 12-, and 1-o’clock positions, the direction the muzzle is pointing at significantly increases the risk of a severe injury or death if you fall victim to an unintentional discharge.


What is the best handgun for concealed carry? - We The People Holsters

Choice of Firearm

If you plan on running for a prolonged period, you may not want to carry a full-size service handgun in your jogger’s holster. Instead, a relatively lightweight, compact, or subcompact handgun is generally more comfortable to carry during vigorous exercise.

However, as the weight and gripping surface area decline, the recoil increases. Consequently, you’ll have to decide how you want to balance the power of the ammunition, the capacity, and the comfort of carrying.

If you carry a low-capacity handgun, you may want to consider carrying spare ammunition in a magazine carrier to compensate for the lack of onboard firepower.

Holster Types

Loose-fitting clothing, such as sportswear, can pose a unique challenge for the gun owner interested in concealed carry. For instance, most jogging pants and shorts cannot support a gun belt, which may require you to look at alternative carry methods, such as belly band or shoulder holsters.

A belly band holster for running consists of an elastic band that you wrap around your waist. Unfortunately, belly band holsters don’t typically cover the trigger guard with rigid material, rendering their safety questionable.

Belly band and leather holsters also need to be periodically cleaned and allowed to dry. If you need your holster to be available regularly, choose a type and material that’s easy to clean. Kydex is a good choice; not only is it inherently resistant to moisture, but you can also clean it with minimal effort without warping, swelling, or degrading.

Beltless clip mounting systems may be a viable alternative to belly bands and shoulder holsters, allowing you to make your gun holster for running the same as the one you use for regular daily carry while eliminating the need for a full gun belt.

These mounting solutions use a metal or plastic clip designed to bite into your waistband, securing your holster in place. However, these systems are not without disadvantages; your holster may be unable to keep a consistent cant and orientation when using such a device.

If you wear pants for jogging that can support a traditional gun belt, you’ll find carrying concealed while jogging is convenient and comfortable. A sturdy gun belt is one of the best anchors for a high-quality IWB or OWB holster.

What About Off-Body Carry?

Some gun owners carry firearms in off-body locations, such as backpacks, special purses, and kit bags. While these methods can keep your firearm and ammunition secure, they also limit access in an emergency.

Furthermore, an assailant is likely to target your purse or bag during an armed or strong-arm robbery. If the only thing stopping you from losing your gun is a thin fabric strap, you need to consider alternatives.

Equip Yourself With the Best Joggers’ Holster

We The People Holsters understand the needs of all gun owners. Without access to the best holsters for all circumstances, from everyday carry to jogging and exercising, carrying a firearm responsibly and effectively would be infinitely more challenging.

Browse our range of IWB and OWB holsters, suitable for all applications and compatible with most makes and models on the market. We also offer many other accessories to complete your EDC setup, such as magazine carriers, gun belts, and holster claws. Call us at (888) 998-6191 for more information on our products.