Sig Sauer IWB Holsters

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Sig Sauer IWB Holsters

Sig Sauer guns are renowned for their highly efficient yet compact design. These guns and pistols are trusted for everyday carry or as a part of tactically concealed carry. However, the most capable guns also need the perfect accessories. For every day carry this means the right holster to keep the guns safely and comfortably stacked. WTP offers ergonomically designed holsters for Sig Sauer guns. These holsters enable concealed carry with maximum comfort. Our laser fit holsters ensure a custom fit and carry a lifetime warranty for Sig Sauer guns that were born in Europe but perfected in America!

Perfectly Compatible Firearm Holsters

Sig Sauer holsters are purposely designed for outside the waistband carry. Each holster is hand-molded using lightweight Kydex. The ultra-thin material used for composing the holster makes it strong and a dependable option for regular, heavy-duty usage. The holsters come with adjustable retention that makes it easy to set the tension for maximum comfort. It provides an easy draw and keeps the holster consistent—on & off the body. The adjustable cant in the holsters can range from 0 to 12 degrees and this further ensures safe holstering of the weapon.

Expect Richness of Options

WTP offers an easy carry option with a protective sweat guard that reduces contact between the body and firearm, keeping the slides cleaner, more sweat-free. Expect convenient carrying experience for the longest hours and across all environments. WTP durable holsters available are a wide range of patterns and designs such as Carbon Fiber, Trump, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, and Pink Camo. There has been an increasing demand for Tan Camo, American Flag, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Red Line, Thin Green Line, and Gadsden Flag designs also. The discreet and compact design of the holsters makes them ideal for smartly concealed, everyday carry.