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Hand-Molded IWB Sig Sauer Holsters
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Sig Sauer Holsters – Find Perfect Compatibility for Your Sig Weapons

If you're looking for a way to conceal your Sig Sauer weapon while still allowing for a high degree of access, look no further than the Sig holsters line from We The People Holsters. Sig Sauer guns are world-renowned for their highly efficient designs that embrace a high level of compactness. Countless individuals trust the line of firearms offered by Sig Sauer for their everyday carry capabilities, as well as their ability to be a part of your tactical concealed carry. At We The People Holsters, we're proud to offer our line of ergonomically designed IWB Sig Sauer holsters to you – because even the most capable guns need the accessories to match. Using one of our Sig holsters means finding the right fit for your weapon to keep it safe and comfortable at your side for when you need it the most. Not only do our Sig holsters offer an amazingly smooth draw, but you'll hear an audible click to reassure you your weapon is sitting securely when you return it to your waist. 

You can find an extensive range of laser-fit Sig Sauer holsters that ensure a custom fit for your firearm model. Sig Sauer guns were born in Europe but perfected in America. As an American company operating right here in the USA, we can provide you with top-rated Sig Sauer holsters for exceptional everyday carry capabilities. To learn more about our Sig holsters, continue reading below. 

Do You Carry OWB or IWB Sig Sauer Holsters? 

Our Sig Sauer holsters are purposefully designed for inside the waistband carry. Each Sig holster is hand-molded using lightweight Kydex. This ultra-thin material helps it sit comfortably on your person while remaining durable enough to make it a dependable option for regular, heavy-duty usage. Kydex IWB Sig holsters are the ultimate in security and comfort for both your weapon and yourself. Unlike most other IWB holsters, We The People Holsters ensures every Sig Sauer holster can be worn with any clothing while still fitting close to the body for a less revealing imprint. A Kydex IWB Sig holster also offers a high level of moisture protection for your gun to keep it safe no matter the weather. 

What Other Benefits Do IWB Sig Holsters Offer? 

Sig Sauer holsters from We The People Holsters come lined with benefits that make them perfect for your firearm. Each Sig holster comes standard with a protective sweat guard that reduces contact between your body and the firearm, allowing you to keep the slides cleaner and sweat-free. Our Sig Sauer holsters also feature an easily adjustable cant that ranges from 0 to 12 degrees for the maximum flexibility in carrying options for even the longest days. They also offer adjustable retention for easy and quick access to your weapon when you need it the most. With an IWB Sig Sauer holster, you can set the tension for your specific carrying and draw style, keeping the holster consistent –both on and off the body.

Can I Customize My Sig Sauer Holster? 

Within our vast range of Sig holsters, we let you choose from a wide range of patterns. We carry designs from traditional carbon fiber to the American Flag. You have design options for our entire selection of IWB Sig holsters – whether it's the P220 or the P320SC. 

Shop We The People Holsters for Top-Rated IWB Sig Sauer Holsters 

If you're looking for a Sig Sauer holster to keep your gun protected and safe at your side, look no further than We The People Holsters. These products are made in the USA in our Las Vegas-based manufacturing facility for guaranteed quality and craftsmanship. We believe in our products – that's why we offer a lifetime warranty on every IWB Sig holster we make. If you have any questions about our products, check out our FAQ page for more information. Or, feel free to contact the experts at We The People Holsters directly.