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FN IWB Holsters for Concealed Carry
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IWB Holsters For FN Herstal Pistols

We The People offers everyday concealed carry options for popular firearms. For high-performing guns and weapons with an innovative design like the FN Herstal firearm series, people expect a holster that is as reliable as the firearm. The FN series presents the highest quality guns manufactured for military, law enforcement, and commercial customers worldwide. FN series includes guns that offer a dependable option for personal defense and public safety in the toughest conditions. WTP offers IWB holsters for the bestselling firearms from this series.

Functionality with No Compromise in Style

Designed discreetly to ensure comfort, FN holsters offer a concealed carrying option for inside-the-waistband carry. The hand-molded holster is lightweight as it is made using ultra-thin Kydex, thus ensuring easy everyday carry. With high-quality assurance backed by WTP, the sturdy material construction of these IWB holsters makes them a dependable option for heavy-duty wear. Expect this highly functional concealed holster to fulfill style needs. These WTP holsters are available in a range of patterns and designs including Carbon Fiber, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Red Line, Tan Camo, American Flag, Thin Green Line, and Gadsden Flag.

Safe Concealed Carry Option for EDC

The IWB holster is designed with an undercut trigger guard that ensures a firm grip, compatible with any type of paint material. It includes adjustable clips offering low grip, mid grip, high grip, and extreme grip to provide better flexibility. It features a protective sweat guard that ensures minimal contact between the firearm and the body. This keeps the sides clean and avoids the discomfort of sweating due to repetitive rubbing of the gun. The kydex holster comes with an adjustable cant of zero to 15 degrees for a smooth draw and keeps the weapon safely holstered for everyday carry.

FN IWB Holsters for Concealed Carry

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