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Springfield OWB Holsters
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Springfield guns are known for their functionality, accuracy, and reliability and so they require as reliable and well-functioning holsters. We the People Holsters present Springfield Outside the waistband holsters that are hand molded by talented artisans for concealed carry. Widely preferred by law enforcement personnel, armed forces personnel, the holsters for Springfield guns are warrantied for durability and practical design. The highlighted features of these gun holsters are dexterity and multiple carry position options.

Ergonomically-Designed, Easy-to-Carry Holsters

The Springfield OWB holsters feature adjustable retention that ensures great comfort and smooth draw every time the operator uses it. These outside the waistband carry holsters are made of Kydex which acts as a solid shell and retains the firearm firmly. This range of holsters are available in unique color patterns- Black, Carbon Fiber, Trump, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line, Tan Camo, American Flag, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Green Line, Gadsden Flag. These padded holsters are special as they are not unnecessarily heavy, and they only weigh ounces, adding minimal weight to your carry gun. The Kydex holsters offer an audible sound while holstering which ensures that the gun is securely fixed inside it.

Functional Outside The Waistband Holsters – Trustworthy Design

The Springfield Kydex holsters are available with protective sweat guard for clean and sweat-free firearm slide. It ensures that there is minimum contact between the gun and your body. The belt clip with angled edges offers a secured and safe grip and allows the user to take the holster on and off when wanted. The clip can be adjusted to 12 different positions which include high ride, low ride, heavy cant, reverse cant, and vertical cant. These finest-quality holsters are made in the United States and lifetime warranted against any manufacturing defect.