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Hi-Point OWB Holsters
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Designed to perfection with its lightweight Kydex material, this comfortable and discreet holster offers moisture protection and a thin profile for easy concealment of your firearm. The highly-flexible holster is specifically molded to fit the Hi-Point with ease while also ensuring high tactical functionality. Made by the most experienced craftsmen in the industry, these holsters are handcrafted to perfection. We the People brings this quality holster, that lets you carry your firearm with complete comfort and allows quick drawing at the time of need. 

Specifically Curated for Hi-Point

Custom made for Hi-Point, the top quality components used in this concealed holster are used to keep in mind absolute functionality and comfort. Each of these holsters is backed by a lifetime warranty. The Kydex material adds strength to the holsters and benefits the user with its waterproof properties. The ultra-thin holsters from this series come with a washable fabric. The Hi-Point OWB KYDEX Gun Holster has a lightweight construction that is easy to re-holster. The holster is designed to be worn comfortably outside the waistband which allows easy carrying of your firearm. 

Custom Style

Order your customized OWB Gun Holsters by choosing your favorite design from the range of options that we have on offer. The holster has an adjustable construction that you can set according to your desired height and angle with a simple unscrewing of the clip. You can get customizations like the constitution, Trump, WTP Red Camo, 2nd Amendment, along with the classic and carbon fiber finishes.