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Bersa OWB Holsters
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We The People Holsters is raising the bar for everyday concealed carry holsters for popular firearms. A lightweight, compact, and high-performance gun, like the Bersa Thunder 380, demands a sturdy holster that is compatible and ensures ease-of-draw. The Thunder series includes many guns that promise pinpoint accuracy and rugged reliability in the toughest conditions. Such guns are renowned for their versatility despite a small frame. We The People Holsters offer outside the waistband holsters for some of the bestselling Bersa guns. Each holster has the durability and aesthetics to be bought for personal use or gifted to someone who loves shooting or grooms a personal collection.

Everyday Concealed Carry Options

Bersa Thunder Kydex holster is ergonomically designed for outside the waistband carry. This hand-molded holster is made using ultra-thin, lightweight Kydex. The tough material makes this holster a dependable option for heavy-duty usage and secure wear. The discreet and comfortable design provides a reliable option for a wide range of everyday carry situations. The holster features an adjustable cant, ranging from zero to 15 degrees for a smooth draw. You get the assurance of the gun being always safely holstered. Kydex holster comes with protective sweat guard that minimizes contact between the firearm and body. It keeps the sides clean and avoids discomfort associated with sweating due to repeated rubbing of the firearm.

Perfectly Blended Functionality & Style

From self-defense gun owners to law enforcement professionals or practical shooting regulars, outside the waistband holsters are preferred for their better grip, irrespective of the material/fabric of the pant. This WTP holster comes with clips adjustable across 12 different positions. These angles include high ride to low ride, vertical cant to heavy cant, or reverse cant. This holster has a simple, minimalistic design. It is available in a variety of styles and patterns such as Carbon Fiber, Trump, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Red Line, Tan Camo, American Flag, Thin Green Line, and Gadsden Flag.

Bersa OWB Holsters

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