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Taurus G2c vs. Taurus G3c vs. Taurus G3

Taurus G2c vs. Taurus G3c vs. Taurus G3

Three of the most popular Taurus pistols available today are the G2c, G3, and G3c models. Although all three are lightweight, polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols, each offers a range of unique features that serious shooters should consider.

Discover the similarities and differences between three of the most popular Taurus semi-automatics and find out which is the best suited for your applications.

A Review of the Taurus Judge Revolver

A Review of the Taurus Judge Revolver

The Taurus Judge is a revolver unlike any other available on the market. Nominally chambered in .45 Colt, the Judge features a massive cylinder capable of accepting .410 shotgun shells.

According to Taurus International, the Judge is one of their most popular and best-selling products. Learn what makes the Taurus Judge unique, why it became so popular, and how best to employ the gun should you choose to carry one.

Ruger LCP vs. LCP 2

Ruger LCP vs. LCP 2

The Ruger LCP pistol family is one of America’s most popular subcompact concealed-carrying pistols. Like any other popular firearm family, the LCP has seen its fair share of variants, revisions, and updates.

Today, American shooters have access to multiple versions of the LCP pistol; the two most important models are the original LCP and the updated LCP 2. Learn the similarities and differences between the LCP 1 and the LCP 2, and find out which is the best pistol.

Best ear protection for shooting

Top 10 Best Ear Protection for Shooting

Hearing protection is an essential part of any gun owner’s equipment. No matter how serious a shooter you are, it’s critical to protect your ears from the loud, intense noises produced by gunfire.

Learn about hearing protection ratings, know how to recognize the best ways to protect yourself from hearing loss, and discover the ten best sets of ear protection for shooting, hunting, competition, and other applications.

Ammo Review: 22 Short

Ammo Review: 22 Short

Before 22 Long Rifle, there was 22 Long, and before that, there was 22 Short. As one of the parent cartridges of22 Long Rifle, 22 Short is effectively a shorter, older version of 22 LR.

If you have an old 22 Short handgun or rifle or would like to shoot 22 Short in compatible 22 LR firearms, learn about the best 22 Short ammunition available on today’s market.

Best 22 Magnum Handguns

Best 22 Magnum Handguns

.22 Magnum handguns use rimfire cartridges and are popular for self-defense, target shooting, hunting, and as kit guns for backpackers.  

In 1959, Winchester introduced the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, also known as the .22 Magnum or .22 Mag. However, it wasn’t until a year later that the round made its debut in the company’s Model 61 pump-action rifle. Since then, several companies have chambered both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols in .22 Magnum for various applications. 

This round is excellent for hunting small game. The .22-caliber lead round-nose or jacketed hollow-point bullet won’t cause excessive tissue damage, preserving more meat for the table.

At typical compact handgun velocities, few .22 Magnum loads expand reliably. However, in a home defense or concealed carry handgun, .22 Magnum may be a good choice for those who are sensitive to recoil and need a lightweight weapon.

Best Glock Clones

Best Glock Clones

The popular Glock series of handguns has inspired several companies to produce Glock-like weapons for sale. Why buy a Glock clone instead of a real Glock firearm? There are two primary reasons: Features and cost. 

Best Glock Clones

Many gun owners contract gunsmiths to customize their Glock handguns, altering the ergonomics, trigger mechanism, barrel, or sights to suit different applications. The best Glock clones are generally pistols that provide a low-cost alternative to a stock Glock or competition-grade features out of the box. 

You should also look for a Glock clone that’s compatible with Glock holsters, especially if you intend to carry for self-defense or shoot competitively.

Molon Labe

Molon Labe: What is Molon Labe, and What Does it Mean?

Molon Labe — molṑn labé or μολὼν λαβέ — is an Ancient Greek expression of defiance against the surrendering of arms to an enemy. The term has been around for centuries, but U.S. gun rights advocates adopted it in recent decades to signal their resistance to the passage of onerous or confiscatory gun control legislation. 

What are the origins of this powerful phrase, and how did it become so popular among American gun owners? Let’s find out.

40 S&W

SW40: The History of the Iconic 40 S&W

The .40 S&W is a versatile cartridge that delivers a balance between magazine capacity and power. In 1994, the company introduced its Sigma line of handguns as a competitor to Glock. Among these weapons is the .40 caliber SW40F — SW40 for Smith & Wesson 40 and “F” for “full size” — the precursor to the M&P.
Rimfire vs Centerfire

Rim Fire vs Center Fire: What is the Difference? Which is Better?

Virtually all ammunition available on store shelves today is either rimfire or centerfire. The differences between the two are significant, but if you are unfamiliar with ammo terminology, it may not be immediately apparent what each term means.

Knowing how to differentiate rim fire vs. center fire cartridges is essential for any gun owner. Learn about rimfire and centerfire ammunition and know how to tell which type a given cartridge is, how each type functions, and whether one is better than the other.

Ruger 10/22

Everything You Need to Know About the Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular semi-automatic rimfire rifles in America. Introduced in 1964, the 10/22 took the shooting world by storm and has remained a favorite among gun owners ever since. 

How did this handy rifle become such a big hit more than 50 years ago? Find out at We The People Holsters.

Revolvers vs Pistols vs Derringers

Types of Handguns: Revolvers vs Pistols vs Derringers

Although there are countless handgun models and variants, most of them fall into three types of handguns: Pistols, revolvers, and derringers. Some may use these terms interchangeably, but each handgun type has its own characteristics. 

Understanding the different types of handguns: Revolvers vs. pistols vs. derringers can help you find the best weapon for your needs, whether for concealed carry, self-defense, or competition shooting.