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SCCY IWB Holsters
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IWB Holsters For SCCY Firearms

SCCY is a huge name in the world of dependable and advanced firearms. All the guns and pistols in their inventory boast a revolutionary design that are custom-made for comfort and accuracy of the shooter in mind. Guns like that need a reliable holster for concealed carrying and safeguarding them. WTP Holsters presents the population of SCCY Gun holders a large selection of IWB holsters that are custom made for their guns. WTP offers its customers a range of comfortable and discreetly designed IWB holsters, catering to the needs of many outdoorsmen, hunters, policemen, military personnel, and law enforcement personnel.

Robust IWB Holsters for SCCY GUNS

The SCCY inside the waistband holsters provide the customers with a lightweight concealed carry option specifically made for use with SCCY CPX-1 and CPX-2. The durable 0.08-inch Kydex construction makes them extremely thin and precisely fit your gun model without any bulk or weighing on its own. These lightweight holsters are discreet enough to easily hide beneath all kinds of clothing, thus being ideal for concealed carrying. These Kydex holsters are backed with a sweat guard that ensures a minimized contact between the gun and body, preventing sweating. The ambidextrous design enables quick and smooth withdrawn. You can carry it in multiple positions – whether it is the appendix, strong side, behind the hip or cross carry, these IWB holsters by WTP have got you covered.

Patterned Concealed Carrying Gun Holsters

All the Kydex holsters available in this category feature easy height and cant adjustment mechanism for allowing maximum flexibility in carrying the way you like it. An adjustable tension mechanism sets the tension as per your personal comfort. These IWB holsters are intricately designed in different print patterns and finish including Black, Carbon Fiber, Constitution print, Thin Blue Line, American Flag, Tan Camo, Pink Camo, and many more.