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Leather Holsters
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Leather Holsters from We The People Holsters

At We The People Holsters, we aim to support the entire CCW community. That's why we've crafted the best leather holsters on the market. Our concealed carry leather holsters are hand-crafted in the USA from the finest full-grain leather. Our leather concealed carry holsters are durable and comfortable and offer the strongest passive retention available.

Each of our leather holsters are custom-tailored for your specific firearm, offering a secure fit and ensuring the strongest retention and a smooth and easy draw. With our leather holsters, you can feel confident your firearm will be ready when you need it most.

What Are The Benefits of Our Leather Holsters?

Leather Holsters are some of the most popular types of concealed carry holsters. Leather offers superior comfort over kydex and increased safety durability over nylon holsters. Our leather holsters feature a double-layered shell with a grain-side inner lining to protect the finish of your handgun. Tuckable clips allow your shirt to be tucked in while concealed carrying, and our leather holsters are hand-tailored for your specific firearm to offer the strongest retention possible.

Features of our Leather Holsters

Our leather holsters offer advantages over other concealed carry holsters, such as:

  • Double-Layered Wall offering unparalleled rigidity, durability, and retention
  • Adjustable Ride & Cant┬áprovide maximum flexibility in carrying options
  • Tuckable Clips allows for tucking in your shirt while concealed carrying
  • Grain-Side Inner Layer to protect your firearm's finish
  • Proprietary OWB Belt Loop Design offering quick and easy installation onto your belt
  • Reinforced Stitching guarantees the stitching cannot come apart, even if some threads are broken

Shop We The People Holsters for the Best Leather Holsters

Our Leather Holsters are proudly hand-made right here in the USA at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We use only the finest and highest quality full-grain leather donated by patriotic cows. All of our leather holsters are backed by a lifetime warranty. Shop our online holster store, and find the leather holster for your handgun today. If you have questions about our company, feel free to check out our FAQ page for a more in-depth look at what we do. Or, you can contact us with any questions you may have.