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Taurus OWB Concealed Carry Holsters
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Designed with the combination of impressive firepower, customer-requested features and improved functionalities, Taurus believes in delivering standard quality firearms to customers. The highly reliable guns demand for holsters that justify their accurate performance and keep them safely holstered. WTP brings a series of dependable and high-quality OWB holsters custom-fit for your Taurus Guns including MILLENIUM PT111 G2 / G2C 9MM, TAURUS PT709 SLIM 9MM, and TAURUS CURVE .380. Made by expert craftsmen, each holster ensures a reliable concealed carry for these high-performing weapons.

Ergonomically Designed for Every Day Carry

Purposely designed for outside the waistband carry, these holsters are hand-molded to provide a custom fit to the firearms. The everyday carry holsters are made using sturdy and stiff Kydex material which retains its shape for a longer duration. The material adds strength to the holsters and benefits the user with waterproof properties to protect the firearm from moisture. The ultra-thin holsters from this series come with a protective sweat guard. The protective sheet reduces contact between the body and the gun to provide a sweat-free experience to the user. This makes the Kydex holster a dependable carry option for outdoor activities, personal defense, and public security. The minimalistic holster features cant ranging from zero to 15 degree that can be adjusted according to user comfort.

Stylish Concealed Carry Options

Our outside the waistband Taurus holsters offer an easy and comfortable 'walk around' carry for your weapons. The lightweight holsters have a clip with angled edges to keep your firearms safely holstered during outdoor activities. Users can adjust the clip up to 12 different positions including high ride to low ride, vertical cant to heavy cant or reverse cant. The holsters from this range are available in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors including Carbon Fiber, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Red Line, Tan Camo, American Flag, Thin Green Line, and Gadsden Flag.

Taurus OWB Concealed Carry Holsters

Taurus 856 38 Spl +P
Taurus Curve .380
Taurus G2S
Taurus G3
Taurus G3C
Taurus GX4
Taurus GX4 RDS
Taurus GX4XL
Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer
Taurus Millenium PT111 G2 / G2C 9MM
Taurus PT709 Slim 9MM
Taurus PT738 TCP .380
Taurus TX22
Taurus TX22 Compact