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Kydex SCCY OWB Holsters
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We The People Holsters is an internationally recognized manufacturing and retail platform for buying the highest quality gun holsters. All of our products are high on durability with impressive functional features. This range of holsters is specially designed to be worn outside the waistband, even for long durations, even when moving around, at a gun range, or during an outdoor expedition. The OWB series of holsters available at We The People Holsters caters to the needs of many shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and survival artists.

Concealed Design with Assured Comfort

These holsters are preferred because of their lightweight design, making them the ideal concealed carrying option. These Kydex gun holsters are easy-to-carry beneath all types of apparel. SCCY holsters made from durable .08 inch Kydex provide moisture protection and a variable cant, making them perfect for everyday carry. Clip with angled edges is an impressive feature in these holsters. This helps to securely grip the belt through any pant fabric and allows a quick & smooth draw.

SCCY OWB Gun Holsters: Loaded with Functional Features

SCCY firearms are preferred for their perfect, concealed carry designs. When mated with the perfect holsters, these firearms become almost impossible to detect.  WTP holsters are made to last a lifetime, fully compatible with SCCY CPX-1 and CPX-2.  SCCY Kydex holster allows easy ride height adjustment too, up to 12 different positions.  These adjustments can be made from high ride to low ride and vertical cant to heavy cant or reverse cant. The easily adjustable retention stays consistent, both on and off the body. The sweat guard makes these OWB holsters stand apart from other, daily-carry holsters out there, minimizing contact between the gun and body.

Kydex SCCY OWB Holsters