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Kahr IWB Holsters
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IWB Holsters For Kahr Firearms

Kahr guns are compact in size and are known to be highly functional and reliable in the small armament marketplace. These guns feature a smooth, consistent, and easy to operate trigger that helps in risky and life-threatening situations. WTP Holsters offers the exclusive range of Kahr IWB KYDEX Holsters, highlighting the unrivaled quality of the guns, one of the many reasons they are highly preferred by tactical firearm users, gun collectors, wilderness game hunters, and more.

Kahr IWB Holsters – Ergonomically Design

These concealed gun holsters are ergonomically designed in the United States specifically for superior-quality Kahr gun pistols. The holsters are made using ultra-thin Kydex, which is precisely designed to fit your Kahr gun model. The minimal weight of the concealed carry holster makes it easy to carry the gun around. For added versatility, these IWB holsters feature an adjustable ride and cant that offer a comfortable positioning and allow for maximum flexibility in all carrying options. You can set the tension according to your comfort level for consistent retention on and off the body. 

Offers A Secured and Comfortable Fit

The high-quality Kydex fabric provides maximum moisture protection and its thin profile ensuring concealment under different clothing options. These IWB Kydex holsters give an audible sound while holstering which ensures that the gun is securely fixed inside it. The protective sweat guard and undercut trigger draw offers a comfortable and sweat-free grip on a firearm drawn. You can adjust these holsters into different angles and positions as required including Extreme High Grip, 25° Low Grip, Mid Grip, High Grip, 25° High Grip, and 30° Mid Grip.

Kahr IWB Holsters

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