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CZ IWB Holsters
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WTP Holsters has made its mark in the firearm industry as the supplier of lightweight and durable gun holsters. Explore the space for a wide range of concealed carry holsters for some of the best military firearms by Czech Armory (CZ). These holsters offer the gun collectors, military personnel and civilians the ease of carrying the military or civilian handguns.

Holsters with Functional Design

CZ inside the waistband holsters are made using extremely thin Kydex material to fit your gun model. These holsters are durable; weigh only a few ounces while adding minimal weight to carry the gun. The IWB holsters have a sweat guard that minimizes the contact between the gun and the body, thus keeping the slide clean and sweat-free. These holsters can be easily concealed beneath all kinds of clothing materials. The adjustable retention feature allows you to set tension according to your comfort to ensure a fast and smooth draw every time. This keeps the retention consistent both on and off your body.

Perfect for Everyday Carry

CZ Kydex holsters are marketed for their flexible and adjustable cant which can be set according to the user comfort. It is easy to adjust the ride by moving the position of the belt clip- low grip, mid grip, high grip, extreme high grip, 25 deg. low grip, 25 deg. high grip, 30 deg. mid grip, 45 deg. mid grip cant. The holsters are easy to carry in different positions including appendix, strong side, behind the hip or cross carry. They are available in distinctive patterns and colors including black, carbon fiber, American Flag, Tan Camo, Trump, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Gabe, Thin Green Line, Gadsden Flag.

CZ IWB Holsters

CZ 2075 Rami
CZ 75 B
CZ 75 P-01
CZ P-07
CZ P-09
CZ P-10 C
CZ P-10 F
CZ P-10 S
CZ SP-01