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FN OWB Holster
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OWB Holsters For FN Pistols

We The People offers a selected range of outside the waistband holsters for all the FN gun owners. FN guns are the world’s most battle-proven firearms that are widely in demand among armed forces and law enforcement personnel. For all those who are wanting to buy a concealed carrying accessory for their high-performance FN guns, We The People OWB gun holsters is a perfect pick. These outside waistband holster provide you with the dexterity and reliability that you are looking for.

Ergonomically Designed FN OWB Gun Holsters

The OWB concealed carry holsters are hand-molded and custom made according to the different FN gun models. The Kydex construction ensures a slim design and durability to stand the test of time. This gun holster weighing just over two ounces does not add bulk and makes it comfortable enough to carry even for prolonged hours. The WTP Kydex holsters are compatible to use with FN gun models like FN 509 and FN FNX-9 / FNX-40. All the FN holsters in this niche have clips with angled edges that securely grips the belt irrespective of any pant material. Withdrawing the gun from the holster becomes easy and smooth.

Discreet and Comfortable for Everyday Use

These Kydex holsters feature adjustable retention that allows you to adjust the gun according to your comfort to ensure fast and smooth draw anytime. Features like protective sweat guard that minimizes the contact between the gun and body. The clip adjustment feature allows adjusting the cant and ride height of the holster up to 12 different positions – from high ride to low ride, vertical cant to heavy cant or reverse cant. These holsters are ambidextrous which makes them highly preferable by many users.

FN OWB Holster

FN 509
FN 509 C RDS
FN 509 C with Streamlight TLR-7/7A Light RDS
FN 509 RDS
FN 509 with Streamlight TLR-7/7A Light
FN Five-Seven