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Keltec IWB Holsters
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KelTec is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of high-performance firearms under the laws of the state of Florida and the United States. These guns and pistols are trusted for everyday carry by professional military personnel, policemen, and law enforcement personnel. We The People Holsters manufactures some of the most reliable holsters for KelTec Guns to keep them comfortably stacked. You can explore the wide range of holsters from the We The People inventory and get a custom fit as per your convenience and comfort.

Lightweight Firearm Holsters

This range includes a variety of dependable holsters for everyday usage. KelTec holsters are purposely designed for inside-the-waistband carry. These holsters are custom made using lightweight Kydex that ensures durability and does not add unnecessary bulk. The impressive construction of these Kydex holsters enables the user to smoothly withdraw the gun. The holster offers multiple carry positions –near appendix, strong side, or behind the hip. These IWB holsters are specifically designed for KelTec model PF9. They are equipped with an adjustable cant feature that allows easy adjustment from 0 to 12 degrees and this further ensures safe holstering of the weapon.

Optimum Design Options of IWB Holsters

The IWB holsters in this category are designed with many impressive features including a sweat guard that minimizes the contact between gun and body, keeping the slide clean and sweat-free. The holster has an undercut trigger guard that offers a full grip on firearm drawn. These Kydex IWB holsters feature some visually distinctive designs printed in different patterns and finishes including Black, Carbon Fiber, Constitution print, Thin Blue Line, American Flag, Tan Camo, Pink Camo, and many more. The discreet, creative, and lightweight design of these gun holsters makes them ideal for concealed carry.

Keltec IWB Holsters

Keltec PF9