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Keltec OWB Holsters
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We The People Holsters has carved its niche as the manufacturer of durable Kydex holsters for concealed carry guns. The Keltec Kydex holsters are ergonomically designed to increase the functionality of these Floridan handguns by ensuring smooth deployment during a tactical situation. Highly preferred by law enforcement personnel, hunters, gun collectors, and more. The holsters do justice to the design of Keltec handguns, the guns that strike the nerve in the imagination of firearm enthusiasts.

Outside The Waistband Holsters for Practical Design

The Keltec concealed gun holsters are made using 0.08 in. Kydex material that weighs minimum and is designed to be worn outside the waistband. Lightweight and durable, the gun holsters are backed with a sweat guard to minimize the contact between the body and the slider of the gun keeping the slide clean and sweat-free. They have angled clips to securely grip the belt through the pant material.

Holsters Marketed for Easy Carry

Our Keltec holsters have an adjustable retention feature that allows you to set tension as per your comfort, ensuring fast and smooth draw. It is a unique locking mechanism that keeps the weapon secure and stored while making reholstering easy. You can adjust the clip to set the desired cant and ride- from high ride to low ride, vertical cant to heavy cant or reverse cant. What makes these holsters special is the unique patterns including Black, Carbon Fiber, Tan Camo, Pink Camo, Constitution, American Flag, Molon Labe, Texas Flag, Gadsden Flag, Thin Blue line, Thin Green Line, and Thin Red line.

Keltec OWB Holsters

Keltec PF9