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Open Carry Holsters Made With American Pride

We The People Holsters’ outside the waistband holsters (OWB) are manufactured right here in the USA by expert craftsmen. We take great pride in producing the best paddle holsters around. Our durable, all-purpose designs are a favorite among military, law enforcement and civilians alike. We The People Holsters is constantly striving to be at the front line of innovation for all operational needs. We strive to provide you with every option — our open carry holsters are made for every occasion right here in the USA.

Paddle Holsters With A Low Profile

Our outside the waistband holsters are made from form-fitted Kydex, making them some of the best OWB holsters for concealed carry. Each design is made with your particular firearm in mind. Our design process results in a low profile paddle holster that can be covered by a loose shirt or jacket. When you want a holster built for discretion, We The People Holsters has the OWB concealed carry holster for you.

Superior OWB Holsters Through Innovative Design

We The People Holsters’ expert designers and craftsmen work to ensure that our open carry holsters are the best. Our paddle holsters are made with 0.08-inch Kydex, combining discretion with durability. Water-resistant and durable, We The People Holsters’ line of OWB holsters are built to last. Whether you take our paddle holsters on a hunting trip or need them for daily protection, you can rely on We The People Holsters to supply you with the very best.

The Last Word On OWB Holster Design

Formed to fit is the name of the game. Our outside the waistband holster designs cover today's most popular gun manufacturers from Beretta to Walther. Hand-formed to minimize bulk and streamline your protection, our OTW holsters are designed to be your first choice and the last holster you'll ever need. Express yourself and your freedom with an OWB holster designed by We The People Holsters.

Features Of Our Outside The Waistband Holsters

Along with our hand-formed Kydex design, our open carry holsters can be set up in 12 different carry positions. Whether you prefer a low ride, heavy cant or vertical fit, our OWB holsters can be adjusted to your preference. Our paddle holsters come with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Choose from multiple patterns to find the perfect OWB holster for your operational needs.