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IWB Holsters for Revolvers
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IWB Revolver Holsters

WTP offers concealed carry options compatible with lightweight and easy to use firearms like Smith and Wesson revolver. This revolver features a small frame design that surpasses the standards of delivering pinpoint accuracy. The compact gun is purposefully designed to benefit people engaged in law enforcement military, personal protection, and state compliance. WTP brings a reliable IWB concealed carry option for your Smith and Wesson 442/642 Revolver.

Ergonomically-Designed Concealed Carry Holsters

Designed to ensure comfort, these firearms are for inside the waistband carry. With a hand-molded construction using Kydex, the Revolver IWB holster is ultra-thin and lightweight that makes it easy to carry while traveling. It features a protective sweat guard that reduces contact between the body and the weapon keeping sides sweat-free. The lightweight holster features adjustable retention that keeps your weapon safely holstered, enabling you to travel without any stress of the weapon falling out. The design of the holster includes open-end Muzzle which is compatible with threaded barrel, making it convenient carry option. The undercut trigger guard in the design of the ultra-thin holster provides a full grip on the firearm draw making it a reliable option. 

Perfect Blend of Style and Performance

The inside the waistband carry holster features an adjustable ride and cant ranging from zero to 15 degrees. Loaded with such high-performing functions, the ergonomically-designed holster comes in a variety of designs, styles, and patterns. Explore from options including Carbon Fiber, Trump, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Red Line, Tan Camo, American Flag, Thin Green Line, and Gadsden Flag.

IWB Holsters for Revolvers

Smith & Wesson 442 / 642 Revolver
Smith & Wesson K-Frame 4" Revolver