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Best Ruger Firearms for Concealed Carry

Best Ruger Firearms for Concealed Carry

In this day and age, it’s hard to find firearm manufacturers as dedicated to quality and affordability in equal measure as Ruger. They produce some of the best pistols and rifles on the market today. Even better, they produce a plethora of firearms for different users’ needs – for instance, many of their best pistols are perfect choices for pairing with concealed carry holsters.

Today, let’s take a look at the best Ruger firearms you can use for concealed carry, provided you already have an excellent holster in your collection.

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Ruger P95

The Ruger P95 is one of the best self-defense and duty pistols ever created. For more than 25 years, variations of this model have cropped up time and again to serve police officers and average Americans looking for a reliable firearm. It’s affordable, excellent for close-quarters and distant target shooting, and well-crafted to ensure long-term performance.

This model features a stainless steel barrel finish for added durability and an excellent aesthetic, plus a black polymer grip frame and fixed 3-dot sights. The pistol is small and easy to hold even with sweaty palms thanks to the texturing on the grip. It also comes with a crisp trigger pull that enthusiasts will recognize and love immediately. We’d definitely recommend pairing this with a great concealed carry holster, as it toes the line between being truly compact and a full-size weapon.

Ruger SR9c

Here’s another great option if you’re in the market for a top concealed carry Ruger firearm. The RutgerSR9c is a smaller handgun with a compressed magazine that can still fit ten 9 mm rounds: more than enough for any self-defense situation. It only weighs 23.4 ounces and has a slim grip width of 1.27 inches. Thus, it's a great choice as a staple concealed carry pistol, plus a reliable weapon for those with smaller hands, like women. 

Beyond these aspects, the pistol comes with a glass-filled nylon grip frame to keep its weight down and its durability high. The stainless steel finish ensures that the weapon looks crisp and fantastic, but the finish also protects it from corrosive damage. It comes with a magazine disconnect, a visual loaded chamber indicator, and other modern safety features like a 1911-style and ambidextrous manual safety. Ultimately, it’s one of the best Ruger pistols bar none, not just for concealed carry.

Ruger LCP

If you’re in the market for even smaller concealed carry pistol, consider the Ruger LCP. This firearm weighs a whopping total of just 9.6 ounces but still provides phenomenal shooting performance and accuracy. The pistol is made out of a single piece of metal and features a durable grip frame that manages to stay lightweight all the same.

This pistol is chambered for .380 ACP rounds and has enough space for six cartridges in a full magazine. A checkered grip ensures that keeping a hold of the pistol will be relatively easy; the purchase includes a finger grip extension plate you can add to the magazine for added comfort.

The downside to this pistol is that it doesn't come with particularly great sights by default. Still, its small size and short operating range mean that it's ideal as a backup or concealed carry pistol, not a long-distance sharpshooting weapon, anyway. We think it’ll fit snugly in most suitable holsters and be quite comfortable to carry under your shirt or waistband.

Ruger American 9mm

The Ruger American models are a little bigger than the other options so far, but they'll still pair well with excellent concealed carry holsters on the market. This particular firearm comes with a black nitrite finish over the slide, which increases its durability and prevents it from glaring in the sun. But even more mechanical enhancements make it a pistol well worth your time. 

For instance, the American comes with a pre-tensioned striker system, turning each trigger pull and shot into a crisp, snappy retort you can feel without having to squeeze the trigger too hard. At the same time, it comes with a barrel cam that can redistribute the recoil and keep you accurate in a self-defense situation.

There’s also a modular wraparound grip system that can adjust to your palm as it swells. This also means it’ll fit a variety of hand sizes without needing modifications. The ergonomic grip is bolstered by an ambidextrous magazine release and slide stop. Safety features like internal and automatic sear block systems and an integrated trigger safety make it an even more attractive piece of equipment. Lastly, there’s a Picatinny rail so you can combine this firearm with your favorite attachments or accessories.

Ruger Security 9mm

This Ruger pistol is also chambered for 9 mm and is relatively compact to help it fit in most concealed carry holsters easily. The pistol features blued and hardened alloy steel, plus a glass-filled nylon grip frame, so it only weighs 24.5 ounces while still being quite durable.

The dovetailed, high visibility sight system allows you to make the most of the included and adjustable rear sight. But more interestingly, you can swap out the included sights for different colors if you desire. We also like the LCP fire control system that ensures every trigger pull feels smooth and crisp. Slide tracking is particularly easy, and the weapon comes with a bladed trigger safety and a hammer catch to prevent it from contacting the firing pin by accident.

All in all, it’s a high-quality self-defense pistol with a grooved grip and some of the best performance enhancements on the market. Combine it with a good concealed carry holster and you'll be set for a long time to come.


Any of the above Ruger pistols will be a phenomenal combination with a great concealed carry holster. The great thing about these pistols is they come in so many different sizes and weights that there’s almost certainly something that’s perfect for everyone!

Be sure that you pick up a holster made with durable materials and that’s comfortable enough to wear for multiple hours and you’ll never have to worry about leaving your self-defense sidearm behind again.