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Best Sig Sauer Firearms for Concealed Carry

Best Sig Sauer Firearms for Concealed Carry

Sig Sauer makes some of the best civilian self-defense firearms in the industry, especially when it comes to concealed carry needs. Let’s take a look at the best Sig Sauer firearms for concealed carry. 

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Sig Sauer P238

First up, let’s take a look at the Sig P238. While it’s not the smallest handgun on the market, it’s still miniature compared to regular pistols. The micro-sized weapon can only carry 6 rounds (although you can purchase an extended magazine that can stretch this to 7), but it’s ultimately small enough that you can fit it in your pocket or combine it with a great concealed carry holster.

In terms of mechanics, it’s actually pretty similar to the Sig Sauer 1911. The biggest downside is the asking price, which hovers around $700 on average, depending on where you find it. That’s a hefty price for such a small pistol. But the compact nature of the weapon makes it incredibly easy to conceal.

The trigger is crisp and only requires a couple of pounds of pressure to fire. Naturally, accuracy isn’t the greatest – think of this as an alternative to a revolver if you want something with a quick-to-replace magazine instead of having to load every round individually.

The grip is rectangular and textured, and will help you keep a hold of the weapon if your palms become sweaty. All in all, it’s a top-tier concealed carry weapon for those with really small hands, like young adults or some women.

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Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact

The Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact – if you didn’t already guess from the name – is a small pistol that nonetheless retains the original P320’s stopping power and modularity. For example, the trigger group can be swapped between the slide, barrels, and frame.

All in all, this gun is just under 7 inches long and has a 6.5-pound trigger pull. It's also less than 5 inches tall, so it'll fit within a variety of concealed carry holsters (though you're best off getting a holster specifically designed for its unique specifications).

It’s a popular gun thanks to the extended slide and safety buttons, which makes it difficult to fumble during a quickdraw. The grip is also well textured and pulling the magazine out is easy thanks to the raised edge of the grip material. The thick trigger loop will also protect your finger during a scuffle, if things come to that.

All in all, it’s a reliable piece of equipment and an excellent example of a concealed carry pistol that will last for a long time if you treat it right.

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Sig Sauer P365

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Sig Sauer P365: well-known as one of the most popular concealed carry pistols ever created. That’s because it has virtually no downsides compared to full-size pistols, and it’s relatively affordable, even compared to many of the sidearms on this list so far.

The trade-off is that there’s nothing especially standout about it. It’s a staple and steady striker pistol with a compact frame – it’s 5.8 inches long, 4.3 inches tall, and only an inch wide. The interesting part is the have staggered magazine. You’ll benefit from 10 rounds plus 1 in the chamber, which is impressive considering that most other concealed carry pistols can only fit around 6 or 7 rounds.

It also comes with night sights as a standard, so don’t worry about having to switch things up if you plan to carry this during your nighttime walks. The grip is textured and modifiable with the replaceable back strap, so it’ll also be suitable for a variety of hand sizes.

Expect to pay around $500 or so for a new one of these. Be sure to fit it in a good holster, though, and you’d be hard-pressed to find something that works as good as the P365 without noticeable negatives.

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Sig Sauer 1911 Compact

The Sig Sauer 1911s are arguably the manufacturer’s most famous pistols, and they’re still regarded as some of the best handguns on the market. Sig Sauer’s 1911 compact model is, accordingly, something to look out for if you’re in the market for a great concealed carry sidearm.

Look for their Nickel model in particular, which comes with a stylish but durability boosting finish. It also comes with an extended beavertail grip safety, which is easy to engage and won't catch on even the tightest concealed carry holsters. We also like the skeletonized trigger and hammer, both of which make it easy to prime and shoot

The gun comes with sights by default, so accuracy shouldn’t be an issue. Keep in mind that the compact version of the 1911 has a smaller frame than the regular model, and capacity is limited at 7 .45 ACP rounds. It’s a pricey pistol as well, averaging significantly over $1000 on average.

Consider this concealed carry Sig Sauer firearm if you’re in the market for the best of the best and have a little extra cash to throw down for it.

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Sig Sauer P938

Last but not least is the Sig P938. It’s another micro-sized pistol, so consider picking up one of these as a replacement for a standard revolver. Unlike .380 cartridges, the Sig P938 uses 9 mm ammunition: one of the most popular self-defense rounds ever created thanks to its stopping power and overall accuracy. 

Capacity of the P938 is 6 rounds, which is more than acceptable considering it’s the average number for a standard revolver and the gun is utterly tiny in comparison to most other pistols. It’s 5.9 inches long, just over an inch wide and just under 4 inches tall.

Unlike most other subcompact 9 mm handguns, the P938 has a metal frame and a finger relief under the trigger guard for easier gripping. We also like that the safety is ambidextrous, though keep in mind that the magazine release is only found on the left side of the grip.

You’ll be able to put this pistol in your pocket pretty easily, though it’ll also work well with a good concealed carry holster.


Any and all of these Sig Sauer firearms will be a great choice for your concealed carry sidearm. Pick the one that works best with your current holster, or pick up a new holster and you’ll be good to go – it’s always better to use a holster rather than putting a pistol your pocket. Holsters bring added comfort and allow for an easier, faster draw for self-defense.