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CZ P-10 C: A Czech Nod to Raw Power and Compact Design

CZ P-10 C: A Czech Nod to Raw Power and Compact Design

Origin Story

Ever since it hit the market in 2017, the CZ P-10 C has attracted gun enthusiasts of all calibers. The compact semi-automatic striker-fire pistol is gaining popularity from armed forces’ daily use to the millennial hipster carrying for self-defense. Although often compared with a Glock 19, it has features that are distinctively characteristic of the Česká zbrojovka (CZ) products.

Most notably, it boasts a thicker barrel built to handle +P (high pressure) and un-plated ammunition. Perhaps this is an outgrowth of the company’s origin story stretching back to Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. With a company name that literally translates to Czech armory, initial production focused on both civilian and military arms, particularly aircraft machine guns and military rifles. For a stint during WWII, the plant was obligated to make and fix military arms under Nazi occupation. After a series of post-war mergers and diversifications expanding civilian products, the company opened CZ USA, today’s exclusive importer of CZ rifles, pistols, and a Field Sports line of shotguns. It is no wonder that out of this origin story the CZ P-10 C comes with a nod to both raw power and compact design.

CZ P-10 C Pros:

  • Grip hugs the hand. - A roughly textured back and deep beaver tail on the CZ P-10 C allow shooters to dig in while grabbing it out of the holster for a firm grip on the draw. The sides are slightly less textured. Experts find that a gentler angle on the grip will sit more naturally in the hand than the steep design of some competitors.

    There are serrations on both ends, helping with weight reduction and ergonomics. This is a modification that must take place post-purchase on competing models.

    A generous trigger guard accommodates gloves conveniently.

    Three interchangeable backstraps are available to upgrade the size for larger hands.
  • Snappy reset: The CZ PC-10 C has a light trigger pull and snappy trigger reset that facilitates close groupings. The flat trigger face may be a welcome adjustment for some. After a brief release, an audible and palpable click announces the trigger reset.
  • Updated ambidextrous design: Lefties and ambidextrous shooters have had a friend in CZ for some time, with previous CZ pistols incorporating a dual magazine release. But many feel the CZ P-10 C is a step up as they have switched to a swappable mag release, meaning a single mag release that can be moved from one side to another in a matter of minutes.
  • Smooth switch: Those with equipment tailored to the popular Glock 19 will find the CZ P-10 C a smooth switch. The takedown for both guns is also similar.
  • Full chamber support. The CZ P-10 C has full chamber support, adding a bit to the weight of the pistol and making it a few ounces heavier than competitors.

CZ P-10 C Cons:

  • No finger grooves: There are no finger grooves on the CZ P-10 C, affecting the comfort and firmness of the grip. While those with average size hands find finger grooves ergonomic and comfortable, those whose hands do not fit factory standard grooves may prefer this flatter design.
  • Flat slide-stop: The slide-stop is flat and must be fully depressed to operate. If one were used to something that sticks out more, they could miss it. On the other hand, slide-stops that stick out can be accidentally applied while shooting so some prefer this feature. It becomes smoother and easier to push after cycling through a few thousand rounds.
  • Accessory compatibility: The CZ P-10 C does not fit a few competing market holsters, including the INCOG holster.
  • Ammo price: Magazines are $35 each. The CZ P-10 C only comes with two mags versus the three mags that come standard with market competitors.
  • Auto-forward slide feature: When slamming the mag in, it will automatically slide forward and strip the round. Some users prefer this for expediency, but others prefer a manual rack as it is more predictable and straightforward to control.
  • Stiff magazine release: The mag release is somewhat stiff but manageable. Like the slide-stop, it must be pushed in considerably instead of rolling it forward, but becomes swifter after cycling through a few thousand rounds breaking it in. Later models such as the CZ P-10 S and CZ P-10 F are modified to resolve this deficiency.

CZ P-10 Variations

  • CZ P-10 S: Predictably, with the C in CZ P-10 C indicating “compact,” in subsequent years, the CZ P-10 S was released. This subcompact model accommodates 12 + 1 in 9mm rounds. Perfect for concealed carry, it is naturally lighter at 24.4 oz and shorter with a 3.5” barrel length.
  • CZ P-10 F:The CZ P-10 F is a full-on version of the CZ P-10 holding 19 + 1 shots! It is heavier at 28.2 oz and has a longer barrel length of 4.5”. Like the CZ P-10 C, there is a 10 + 1 low-capacity model available. The CZ P-10 F is also available suppressor-ready, and in grey or tan colors. This newer model has eased some of the stiffness of the CZ P-10 C magazine release.

In short, in a market largely dominated by one competitor, the CZ P-10 C offers a great alternative to shooters ready for a change. While a few features are lacking or require minor tweaks in practice, the way its design hugs the hand and other added features make it a worthy addition to any pistol enthusiast’s collection.

CZ P-10 C Technical Specs:

  • Product Name: CZ P-10 C 9mm
  • SKU: 91531
  • MSRP: $499
  • Chambering: 9mm Luger
  • Magazine Capacity: 15 + 1 (street load)
  • Frame: Fiber reinforced polymer with nitride finish
  • Trigger: Mech Striker
  • Sights: Aluminum Three-Dot
  • Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged
  • Barrel: Length 4.02 in
  • Height: 5.2 in
  • Width: 1.26 in
  • Weight: 26 oz
  • Overall Length: 7.3 in
  • Pull: 4.5 - 5lb
  • Safety: Firing Pin Block Safety, Trigger Safety