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How to Pick the Right Taurus G2C Holster

How to Pick the Right Taurus G2C Holster

Before introducing the Taurus G2c, the company sold the G2, part of its Millennium series, designated either PT-111 or PT-140, depending on the caliber. The G2 and G2c are semi-automatic, polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns fed from 10- or 12-round detachable box magazines. 

Available in 9mm Luger and .40 S&W, the G2 and G2c are inexpensive weapons intended for the gun owner on a budget.

If you own or are contemplating buying one of these pistols, you may ask, “What’s the difference?” The answer is also crucial for selecting the best holster for Taurus G2c and G2 handguns.

Differences Between the Taurus G2 and G2c

The G2 and G2c pistols appear to be almost identical when examined casually. Both pistols have the same weight, dimensions, ergonomics, controls, sights, and trigger action. As a result, the two pistols can share holsters and accessories, such as lights and lasers.

The most immediately recognizable differences are cosmetic and relate to branding and finish. The pistols ship in boxes with different color schemes, and Taurus changed the logo on the frame from the G2 to the G2c. Instead of a more polished finish on the slide, as with the G2, the G2c’s slide is matte black (in the non-stainless variants), which reduces visibility.

However, there are also several functional differences. The first is that the G2 has the Taurus Security System. A key lock is on the right side of the slide at the rear. The weapon becomes inoperable when you lock this system using a key resembling an Allen wrench. The purpose of this system is to prevent unauthorized operation. The successor pistol, the G2c, does not have this system.

The second difference is that, while subtle, the texturing on the G2c is more aggressive than on the G2, increasing adherence between the pistol and the skin of the firing hand. A third difference is that the G2c has a reinforced trigger safety.

Taurus G2 and G2c Holsters

Whether you’re searching for a Taurus G2 holster or a holster for your G2c, the best designs and features are interchangeable. 

IWB Kydex Holsters

The first type of holster you should consider for the G2/G2c is Kydex IWB. If you’re on a strict budget, you need a high-quality but cost-effective holster. Kydex is a rigid and durable thermoplastic that we form to the exterior of the firearm using heat to create a custom fit. Despite being a low-cost alternative to leather and only 2mm thick, Kydex is lightweight, strong, and waterproof.

IWB: Ultimate Discretion

Inside the waistband, or IWB is one of the most discreet carry methods available. If you want to carry a compact Taurus firearm and concealment is your priority, IWB keeps the gun close to your body and well hidden. 

In Kydex IWB holsters, including ours, you should look for the ability to accessorize. A claw or wing that attaches to the holster’s exterior can help reduce exposure by pressing the gun against your body. The G2/G2c is a discreet weapon, so concealing it poses less of a challenge than other guns.

Our Kydex IWB holsters also use a pancake design and attach to your gun belt using a single clip with eight different positions for ride height and cant. With this level of adjustability, you can find the perfect draw angle and retention, so you’ll always be able to access your weapon when you need it.

Sweat Guard: Low Irritation

The more aggressive texturing on the G2c may irritate delicate skin, especially if you carry in an IWB holster without a layer of clothing between your body and the gun. For this reason, a holster with a full sweat guard is advisable. 

In addition to the reduced risk of corrosion on metal parts due to perspiration, the sweat guard also acts as a general barrier against friction. 

OWB Kydex Holsters: Convenient for EDC

If you’d prefer to carry outside the waistband and want to attach and detach your holster quickly, our Kydex OWB paddle holster is the solution. The paddle clip slips behind the belt and uses fang-like protrusions to secure the weapon in place. 

While not generally as concealable as a pancake holster, as there’s more space between the holster and your body, paddle holsters are comfortable and convenient for everyday carry (EDC). You can adjust the cant from 0–15°, according to your preferences, and there are several ride-height positions to choose from.

Leather Holsters: IWB and OWB

Leather holsters are generally more expensive than their Kydex counterparts but can provide a softer, more comfortable, and more aesthetically appealing alternative. With the We The People Holsters Independence line, you can rest assured that you won’t be compromising retention or durability in choosing leather. To create world-class holsters, we only use full-grain cowhide leather, vegetable tanned by our master craftsman. 

Both our leather IWB and OWB holsters feature three points of adjustable retention and a soft inside layer to protect your gun’s finish. Leather is generally not as rigid as Kydex, so we compensate by using a double-layer shell. This creates a stiff holster mouth and body that continues to grip your Taurus firearm for dependable carry under various conditions. 

Magazine Carriers

The Taurus G2 and G2c handguns are fed from either 10- or 12-round magazines, so they’re not low capacity. However, some gun owners may prefer to carry additional ammunition, depending on the threats they expect to face. 

For that reason, you should consider carrying a spare magazine on your gun belt in a position accessible to your support hand. Our Kydex Universal Mag Carrier is compatible with a wide variety of single- and double-stacked magazines in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.


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Find an Affordable and High-Quality Holster for Your G2/G2c

The Taurus G2 and G2c handguns are affordable and versatile. A high-quality, rugged, and dependable holster doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive. 

If you need a Taurus G2c holster, we provide you with four options: IWB and OWB in Kydex or leather. All our holsters are available in a right- or left-handed orientation, and our Kydex holsters fit standard 1.5” gun belts.

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