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Patriotic Shirts and Gear

Patriotic Shirts and Gear



If owning and carrying a firearm is the traditional method of exercising your right to keep and bear arms, then wearing a patriotic shirt is the time-tested method of expressing your love for America and your support for the Second Amendment.

Are you looking for patriotic shirt and gear ideas? We The People Holsters carries a large selection of designs that are sure to please the patriots and freedom-lovers among your friends and family. Here are some of our favorite designs to get you started.

1. American Flag in Guns

    Is there anything more patriotic than the United States flag? Our American Flag in Guns design is perhaps one of the most patriotic shirts in our catalog.

    This short-sleeved crew shirt is available in two versions: A standard men’s cut and a women’s cut. Both are available in six sizes, ranging from S to 3XL, and in black or white. The black version features an American flag design with white stars and white guns making up the flag’s white stripes, and the white version reverses these colors.

    You’ll also find a reversed U.S. flag on the right sleeve, facing forward as per the U.S. flag code, just like the U.S. flag insignia on military and astronaut uniforms. As with all of our other shirts, the American Flag in Guns is pre-shrunk and made in America from 100% ring-spun American cotton for maximum comfort. 

    2. Don’t Tread on Me Gadsden Flag

      Our Don’t Tread on Me shirt is based on the well-known Gadsden flag, a historical American flag that has become a symbol of defending freedom and liberty.

      Featuring the iconic rattlesnake in yellow print over the words “Don’t Tread on Me,” this shirt makes a statement just like the original yellow banner. Few other symbols let you show your appreciation for American liberty and make it clear you are ready to stand up for your freedom.

      This crew shirt is available in men’s and women’s cuts, in sizes ranging from S to 3XL, and in black or white. The white version does not change any print colors; the rattlesnake, words, and other symbols remain yellow. Both versions are made in USA and come with a comfortable tagless label.

      3. American Flag Thin Blue Line

        Patriotism comes in many forms, and one of the most popular ways to show your love for America is to support the men and women in the uniformed services.

        The American Flag Thin Blue Line shirt features the Thin Blue Line symbol, America’s most famous signifier of appreciation and support for the law enforcement community. 

        Like our other shirts, this model is available in black or white and is made in America by patriots. The black version features a tattered American flag print in all-white aside from the iconic thin blue line, and the white version features black stars and stripes.

        This shirt is part of our Thin Line series of shirts. We offer several variants, including a Thin Blue Line with a classic police badge outline design and a Thin Red Line shirt for showing your appreciation to firefighters and the fire services. 

        4. 1776 Betsy Ross

          Are you looking for an American made patriotic shirt with a historical flair? Need a gift idea for the history buff in your life? 

          The 1776 Betsy Ross flag shirt features the number “1776” encircled by stars, reminiscent of the original Betsy Ross flag. That flag is believed by many to be the very first version of the American flag, sewn in May of 1776. 

          The 1776 shirt is not just an excellent conversation starter about patriotic history because it also proudly depicts the year the United States declared independence. This shirt is available in six sizes (S to 3XL) and two colors. You can choose from black with white stars and lettering or white with black print.

          5. Heraldic Eagle With Shield

            The Great Seal of the United States depicts a bald eagle with its wings spread; beak pointed to the left, talons holding an olive branch, and a bundle of arrows. This iconic heraldry symbol inspired our company logo.

            If you’ve ever wanted to wear the Great Seal on a shirt, why not try our Heraldic Eagle With Shield shirt? Designed by our talented artists in Las Vegas, Nevada, this shaded eagle-and-heraldic shield design is a stylish, visual representation of classical American values and principles.

            The olive branch in the right talon (on the left side) represents the country’s strong desire for peace, whereas the bundle of arrows represents its readiness for war. The eagle’s head is turned to the left, toward the olive branch, to show America’s preference for peace

            The principles symbolized by the Heraldic Eagle are the same as those of the American gun-owning community: Preparedness and readiness in the service of liberty.

            Other Patriotic Gear

              Besides shirts, We The People Holsters offers other patriotic gear and wearables to complete your look and display your American pride. 

              • 2nd Amendment Trucker Hat 

              If you’re looking for a stylish, patriotic hat to show your appreciation for the right to keep and bear arms, look no further than our 2nd Amendment Trucker Hat, featuring our logo and “2nd Amendment” side patches.

              • Custom Printed Holsters 

              Printed Holsters - Custom Printed Kydex Holsters

              Want to give your carry holster an extra patriotic flavor? Check out our custom printed Kydex holsters. Browse our selection of print designs, including models patterned after the American flag, the Constitution, the iconic Thin Blue Line, and many more — all of them, made in USA.

              • Patriotic Hoodies 

              Patriotic Hoodies

              If you need something to wear during the colder months, why not browse our selection of patriotic hoodies? Our hoodies are made in USA by patriotic Americans and feature the same patriotic and freedom-loving designs as our shirts, letting you show your appreciation for America while staying warm and comfortable.


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              Keep and Bear Arms Proudly With We The People Holsters

              At We The People Holsters, we support your patriotic right to keep and bear arms. Browse our selection of practical IWB and OWB holsters, tactical gun belts, and patriotic apparel and accessories, 100% designed and made at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. For any questions or inquiries regarding our product lineup, please call us at (866) 998-6191 or visit our online store.