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 Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M.2 Compact Review

 Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M.2 Compact Review

Smith & Wesson is revered far and wide as one of the industry’s top gun makers. Invest in a Smith & Wesson firearm and you are likely to be quite pleased with its performance, reliability and lasting value. The M&P 9 M.2 Compact is no exception. This S&W pistol feels fantastic in the hands, proves accurate and looks quite sleek. Lick off some shots and you will find the gun has recoil yet it is not overpowering in the slightest. This is a well-made firing machine worthy of your hard-earned money. However, the gun is not completely flawless. Let’s take a closer look at the M&P 9 M.2 Compact to help you determine if it is the right gun for you.

Just the Right Size

The M&P 9 M.2 Compact is perfectly sized for people with large hands, small hands and sizes in between. You can carry this pistol on your person with ease, conceal it in a pocket holster, bag, backpack or camping gear bag. This is a compact pistol smaller than the regular size M&P yet larger than the M&P first generation compact gun. In other words, the M&P 9 M.2 Compact is a happy medium in terms of size, sure to please gun enthusiasts far and wide.

Hold this gun in your hands and you will find the textured grip enhances its feel. Additional improvements to the latest edition of the gun include an improved trigger, a better stainless steel chassis and a larger palmswell grip.

M&P 9 M.2 Compact Specs

The M&P 9 M.2 Compact is available in two distinct calibers. Furthermore, there are models with and without safeties. The gun’s barrel measures 4” and is made of stainless steel, complete with armornite finish. The firearm’s total length is 7.3”. The M&P 9 M.2 Compact weighs a mere 24 ounces.

This 9mm caliber firearm has a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds. The sight is a steel 3-dot. Add in the fact that the gun comes with a lifetime service policy and you have all the more reason to own it.

Shooting The M&P 9 M.2 Compact 

Let’s get to what matters most: the shooting experience. Take this bad boy out for some target practice and you will not be disappointed with its performance. Just about everyone who fires the M&P 9 M.2 Compact agrees it fires to perfection. This is a well-balanced gun that feels just right when rattling off shots.

Go ahead and fire a wide array of ammunition loads and you will agree the piece is just about flawless. The M&P 9 M.2 is a well-built gun likely to prove reliable and accurate across posterity. Above all, accuracy is particularly important. The M&P 9 M.2 has pinpoint accuracy even at considerable distances. Shoot from 25-50 yards away and you just might be surprised as to how close you get to your target.

The M&P 9 M.2’s Feel

The gun’s texture is best described as slightly aggressive. Some gun-lovers will insist this piece is a bit abrasive, especially for comparably soft hands. However, as long as you are not rattling off shots for hours on end, you probably won’t mind the feel of the M&P 9 M.2 Compact. Furthermore, even if you hold the gun in your hands for several hours, its texture won’t prove painful or harm your hands in any way.

M&P 9 M.2 Compact Trigger

The M&P 9 M.2 Compact’s trigger might be its most controversial component. Gun aficionados agree M&P triggers typically leave much to be desired. The M&P 9 M.2 Compact’s trigger has an exaggerated break and a comparably pronounced reset. Compare the M&P 9 M.2 Compact’s trigger to other striker-fired guns on today’s market and you might agree those alternatives have a more comfortable and responsive trigger.

What Makes the M&P 9 M.2 Compact Unique?

The M&P 9 M.2 Compact carries forth the M&P tradition in an honorable manner. However, if you already own a M&P or are considering an older model as opposed to the new M&P 9 M.2 Compact, you are likely wondering how the latest version is different. The M&P 9 M.2 Compact’s main difference is its downsizing. The barrel is 4”. The magazine is 15 rounds. Furthermore, this edition of the M&P has unique texturing patterns along the inserts and frame.

Though the new trigger has additional take up, its primary differences are a clearer reset and a sharper break. Furthermore, the M&P 9 M.2 Compact is highlighted by additional bilateral controls than prior M&Ps, primarily with the addition of a slide stop and release along the right side.


The M2.0 compact has a 4” barrel, white dot front/rear sights, an optic slide cut and plenty of additional niceties. The pistol is complete with more than half a dozen mounting plates for slide-mounted optics. The gun is optimal for professional, sporting and personal use.

Owners of the M2.0 4” compact rave about its low barrel bore axis that minimizes rise, permitting rapid recovery. Gun owners agree the extended stainless steel chassis is a strong selling point. The trigger is crisp, requires only a light pull and feels fantastic. Furthermore, the piece features four distinct interchangeable palmswell inserts. The icing on the cake is the fact that there is an ambidextrous thumb safety available.

M&P®9 M2.0™ 3.6" COMPACT

Check out the 3.6” compact version of the pistol and you will agree the shorter barrel is more than sufficient for firing purposes. This is a fine-tuned firing machine that requires only a light pull for fantastic accuracy. The gun has the perfect 18-degree angled grip for intuitive aiming.

Choose between your desired hand fit/trigger reach with palmswell grips ranging from small to medium, medium-large and large and you will agree this gun fires to near perfection. Additional features of the compact include a finish that is corrosion-resistant and quite durable, a trigger rest that is audible and tactile and an extended stainless steel chassis that minimizes torque and flex during firing.

Laser and Light Options For the M&P 9 M.2

Crimson Trace Green Laserguard

Crimson Trace CMR-208 Universal Rail Master Tactical Light

This green laser sight is completely intuitive in all regards. From the installation to use, you will find the laserguard is direct, simple and quite helpful in every way. Designed for Smith & Wesson M&P concealed carry pistols, this laser sight provides a strong green laser diode to enhance targeting.

The laserguard is highlighted by its patented Instinctive Activation that starts right away when the pistol is in the hands and ready to fire. Furthermore, the laser sight can be adjusted for elevation and wind to ensure flawless accuracy. The laserguard has a maximum range of 50 feet, a 5 mW laser output, a green beam color and a 3V lithium battery type. Furthermore, the laserguard is water resistant, ensuring it is quite durable even if you venture far out into the wilderness. All in all, the laserguard’s battery life extends more than two hours.

Crimson Trace CMR-208 Universal Rail Master Tactical Light

Crimson Trace CMR-208 Universal Rail Master Tactical Light

This tactical light has two distinct modes along with instantaneous activation ideal for pic rail mounts, range shooting and competition shooting. The light has both a 110 low lumen and 420 high lumen white LED, ensuring you can flip between ranges of illumination as desired. The light has 90 minutes of battery life that operates with the included CR123 lithium battery. In fact, the light even has a strobe mode. You can even use the “momentary on” setting with a soft press of the paddles. In short, this is a well-constructed tactical light made with sturdy anodized aluminum that proves resistant to water, ensuring functionality across posterity.

M&P 9 M.2 Compact: To Buy or not to Buy? That is the Question

The M&P 9 M.2 Compact is worthy of your money. Its sights are fantastic, it shoots with accuracy and the trigger is improved from prior incarnations. Opt for the thumb safety and you will find it provides additional comfort as you carry the gun.

However, it is worth noting some of those who have fired this piece complain the placement of the safety in relation to the side release along the left side is not the best. If you are not careful, you might lift the gun’s safety lever during reload when using your firing hand’s thumb. However, this problem can be prevented if you use the thumb on your support hand to release the slide.

On the plus side, you will love the texturing pattern as it anchors the gun to perfection while in-hand and also minimizes the impact of recoil after shots are fired. As long as you do not mind the gun’s comparably coarse texture, you will be more than happy with the M&P 9 M.2 Compact.

Do your homework, ask local gun owners about their unique thoughts on this pistol and you will find most of those who have purchased the gun are ecstatic with its performance, construction and reliability. In the end, it can be said in full confidence the M&P 9 M.2 is worth your money.