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Taurus G2c Holster with a Thin Profile

Taurus G2c Holster with a Thin Profile

We are living in a time when every tactical advantage matters. Oftentimes, we use our best research efforts when it comes time to selecting the right handgun. However, equally as important as the handgun you buy, is the holster you carry it in. Regardless of what kind of handgun you choose, the odds are that you will need a top-quality holster. 

Holsters perform many important functions. While some are more obvious than others, they deserve our time and attention. The misconception is that we usually think holsters are just there to help us carry our guns around, but they do much more than that. It is without a doubt an important piece of gear. 

The importance of selecting your ideal holster cannot be understated. The right holster offers a win/win situation for the gun owner. It serves to protect the person wearing the holstered gun from a range of mishaps as well as protecting the firearm from the elements. Make no mistake about it, picking the right holster is as important as selecting the right gun to carry. 

There are a lot of different kinds and styles of holsters on the market right now. The challenge is knowing which one is ideal. A Taurus G2c holster with a thin profile combines comfort and functionality in one sleek design, which is an achievement that is difficult to accomplish, but well worth the result!

If you’re in the market for a great holster for your Taurus G2c, then you should understand the key reasons why you should consider purchasing a Taurus G2c holster with a thin profile. Before we discuss the holster itself, let’s first discuss the reasons why a great holster matters. 

Why a GREAT Holster Matters:

A Great Holster is Natural

Holsters perform many important functions. The misconception is that holsters are just there to help us carry our guns around, but they do much more than that. The mission of the holster is to provide access to your gun when you need it. This is accomplished by keeping the firearm at a good position on your hip. The right holster will:

  • Provide easy access to your gun 
  • Create a fusion that makes wearing the holster feel natural 

A Great Holster is Dependable

Holsters should always be dependable. A good holster will retain the firearm even when the holster is taken off the belt and moved around.  As gun owners, we want to know that we can depend on our holsters. One of the most concerning possibilities for gun owners is losing control of their firearm. The right holster provides solid retention by: 

  • Allowing you to set the tension to your personal comfort 
  • Minimizing the contact between your gun and your body

A Great Holster is Adjustable

Holsters should be adjustable. In an ever-changing environment we need a holster that we can adjust to fit our needs and challenges. For a holster to be fully effective it must adjust to the wearer. Things happen in an instant and if the holster is not adjusted to your specifications it will reduce your reaction time. The right holster enables you to adjust to the situation at hand by: 

  • Being fully adjustable and providing a high degree of comfort 
  • Allowing you to easily adjust the holster to your desired height and angle

A Great Holster is Robust

Holsters need to both provide security and be secure. A holster without a secure belt clip is similar to a car without seat belts. An effective holster should hold your gun in place whether you’re running or rolling down a hill. Life does not go in slow motion and the right holster anticipates action. The right holster provides security by: 

  • Providing a secure belt clip that ensures clean draws
  • Being robust and able to withstand everyday wear and tear

 A Great Holster is Reliable

Holsters need to be reliable since your life could depend on it. When a holster is form-fitting, thin, and durable, the result is reliable access that you can count on. On the other hand, if it gets in the way, it could slow you down. Reliable holsters: 

  • Provide swift access to the firearm
  • Can integrate safety, style, and security

10 Reasons to purchase a Taurus G2c Holster with a Thin Profile: 

The Taurus G2C is one of the hottest handguns on the market right now and it is no surprise that it is gaining rave reviews. The handgun’s design and price point make it a very economical option for those seeking an effective everyday firearm. Of course, for a superior and efficient firearm, you need a holster that also delivers protection and value.

Our top pick for the best Taurus G2c holster is the Taurus G2 / G2C OWB Holster

1.  Top-Quality Matters  

Top-quality is the result of high-grade materials and good design. A high-quality concealed carry holster is there to support and not hinder you in any way. A top-quality holster creates a fusion between your firearm and your body. The Taurus G2c holster accomplishes this because it is: 

  • Specifically designed and molded for the Taurus G2 / G2C 9MM.
  • Custom made using only top-quality components and with absolute functionality and comfort in mind.
  • Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty

2.  Comfort is Non-Negotiable

Holsters should not make you feel uncomfortable. A high-quality concealed carry holster should make carrying a gun feel normal and comfortable. In order to accomplish this, the holster has to be designed with absolute functionality and comfort in mind.  A top-quality holster enhances your experience without compromising on safety. Key design features include:

  • Adjustability to your desired height and angle for a smooth draw (holster up, down or canted)
  • Adjustable Retention allows you to set the tension to your personal comfort.

3. Reaction Time Is Critical To Survival

In self-defense every second matters. A high-quality concealed carry holster will easily accommodate any draw. One of the worst things a holster can do is slow you down.  Absolute functionality and comfort result in a holster that is there to serve and protect. The Taurus G2c holster accomplishes this by: 

  • Being dependable and form-fitting
  • Offering effective concealment and quick, reliable access
  • Offering a smooth draw and re-holster

4. Dealing With the Elements

Rain or shine holsters have a function to perform. A high-quality concealed carry holster can deal with the elements. This requires waterproof kydex construction that will stand the test of everyday life. The Taurus G2c holster achieves this by offering:

  • Robust waterproof kydex that can maintain its rigid structural integrity for a lifetime
  • Thick wall construction and comfortable hardware
  • Reinforced with layers of spring steel and woven ballistic nylon

5. Practical & Effective

What good is quality without functionality? A high-quality holster enhances the concealed carry experience. This is accomplished through intentional design and precision. The Taurus G2c holster is force multiplier because it offers: 

  • A great, discreet (thin-profile) option
  • The ability to rest outside of your pants 
  • Minimal pressure due to its lightweight design

6. Attention to Details

There are a lot of holsters that appear reliable. In terms of quality and value, what separates the good holsters from excellent ones are the details. A top-quality holster pays attention to details, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. The Taurus G2c holster has: 

  • A protective sweat guard, minimizing the contact between your gun and your body. 
  • A design that combines effective concealment and quick access. 
  • The ability to fit your gun and adjust as needed 

7. Safety First

All the bells and whistles on a holster should not take away from its safety capabilities. A high-quality concealed carry holster does not compromise on safety. Regardless of how sleek a holster looks, one of its primary functions is to enable you to safely store your concealed carry firearm. 3 key safety features of the Taurus G2c holster are: 

  • A secure belt clip, ensuring clean draws 
  • A solid design that ensures your holster will unfailingly keep your pistol safe and secure
  • An adjustable retention which securely holsters your firearm

8. Full Grip

It is well known that for a holster to be effective, it must allow the shooter to acquire the full firing grip on the handgun, while holstered. A high-quality concealed carry holster makes this process easier. Holsters that have excess material force the shooter to adjust their grip.  The Taurus G2c holster provides maximum grip support by:  

  • Making it easy to adjust the ride height to multiple angles
  • Cant options allow for maximum flexibility in carry options. 

9. Light and Effective 

A holster is not effective if it slows you down. A high-quality concealed carry holster should be lightweight and durable. This requires the combination of good materials and avoiding any unnecessary bulk. The Taurus G2c thin profile holster boasts an: 

  • Extremely thin design
  • A formed mold to your exact gun model 
  • Minimal weight with no excess bulk 

10. Great Value

As gun enthusiasts we want quality at a reasonable price.  A high-quality holster does not have to be expensive. When you combine craftsmanship and a superior design, you get a high-quality product at a reasonable price point. The Taurus G2c holster delivers great that includes: 

  • Fast shipping that you can count on
  • A Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind

Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing in your safety and protection, a holster is one of the most important purchases you will make. The right holster provides security and many other important functions that make it an indispensable accessory. Selecting the right holster is a great way to protect your firearm.  It also enhances your ability to react and respond in the real world. 

At We The People Holsters, we know that getting the right holster is critical to any self-defense weapon.  If you’re interested in the different types of holsters we carry, please see our full line of both IWB and OWB holsters