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Sig Sauer M17/M18: Meet The Army's New Handguns

Sig Sauer M17/M18: Meet The Army's New Handguns

In January of 2017, the United States Army made it known that the Sig Sauer P320 won its M17 and M18 handgun competition. The customized version of the P320 would be referred to as the M17. The smaller version that can be easily carried on one’s person is referred to as the M18. Both of these weapons were designed as somewhat of futuristic handguns meant to follow in the tradition of the M9 Beretta. Ideal for combat and self-defense on the move and also in close quarters, both pistols are revered by soldiers and everyday gun enthusiasts alike.

A Unique Piece in Several Regards

Take a close look at the M17, compare it to the M9 and you will find a couple noticeable differences. The external hammer is no longer present. The de-cocker and double action are also gone. Instead, a streamlined design is present with high-tech features to lick off shots in a rhythmic, accurate and reliable manner.

Though the M9 was a solid piece, it was time for an upgrade. In short, the M17 and M18 are fairly similar to the beloved P320 civilian pistol. The M17 has a trigger module that can be removed and placed in new grips and also combined with new slides and barrels to create a highly distinct piece.

Both the M17 and M18 rely on the same trigger group and polymer grip module. The new barrels and slides are suitable for both compact and full size models. The new M17 shifts to striker fired operation from double action. This essentially means the uber-heavy initial trigger pull has now become a comparably light follow-up pull.

Sig Sauer P320-M17

Each pull of the trigger feels exactly the same, facilitating rapid firing that proves accurate and timely. This is the consistency every gun owner deserves. The elimination of the de-cocker means there is no need to learn how to drop the hammer prior to holstering the piece. When shooting is finished, the external safety is engaged and the gun is placed on the belt.

Engage in Close Combat With the M17 in Full Confidence

If you are on the prowl for a handgun that can be used in close proximity to a burglar, attacker or other individual, look no further than the M17. This handgun is small enough to carry on your person, can be concealed with ease and fires with fantastic accuracy. Use the M17 in close quarters with an aggressor or other combatant and you will find you are able to engage this enemy with a single hand. The same cannot be said of the M9 and numerous other guns.

The new M17 pistol fires 147 grain jacket hollow point bullets. The piece has been carefully designed with an ergonomic configuration to permit your preferred hand grip technique. Furthermore, the gun’s unique design permits fast hand switching as necessary amidst dramatic combat. The masterminds behind this unique piece designed it to ensure tight dispersion, unparalleled accuracy and superior versatility. If you need to switch from the left hand to the right hand during combat, you can do so with ease. Furthermore, the piece feels quite comfortable compared to others, ensuring that much more of an accurate shot even from a considerable distance.

The M17 is designed with a number of advanced features users are sure to love. The piece has self-illuminating sights to permit optimal visibility in conditions with minimal light. There is also an external safety. You can attach enablers as you see fit thanks to the integrated rail. The piece even has an Army standard suppressor kit for conversion that can be easily attached to a flash or acoustic suppressor. The night sights do an excellent job of enhancing target recognition as well as the gun’s overall capability.

In short, you will be hard-pressed to find a piece that is better for combat that occurs in close quarters with an aggressor. This piece is used by members of the Army fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as those defending themselves and their property from attackers. Whether you are looking to defend your person or your property in a narrow hallway, attic, crawl space, tunnel or other tight space, this gun makes it that much easier. Simply put, there are some spaces where long rifles cannot be used due to space concerns.

Put your faith in the M17 and you will not be let down. If your circumstances quickly change, if targets rapidly arise or if there is combat within a small space, you will have the diminutive piece you need to defend your person and property in a flexible manner. In fact, the M17 was designed with these unique circumstances in mind.

In short, the M17 brings a new dynamic to combat that takes place in cramped spaces. Regular pistols make it difficult to alter grips or switch from one hand to another yet the M17 actually facilitates such actions.

The Name Behind the Gun

The one and only Sig Sauer makes the M17 pistol. The gun maker scored a $580 million contract to make both the M17 and M18 pistols in January of ’17. Sig Sauer, one of the most respected names in the industry, beat out Beretta USA, FN America and Glock to win the exclusive contract. The contract includes the manufacturer of half a million new M17s and M18s to take the place of the M9 Beretta pistols that stem back to the 1980s. Pick up the civilian version of the M17 or M18, take it out for some firing practice and you will agree these pieces fire flawlessly.

What Matters Most: The Shooting Experience

Rattling off shots with the M17 is surprisingly easy. The piece is designed with a unique grip that facilitates a natural aim. The nearly 5-inch barrel ensures optimal balance between small size and elite accuracy. If you need to perform a quick draw during a dramatic situation, you will have no problem with either the M17 or M18.

The M18 is comparably small, facilitating a quick pull and fire. If you don’t have time to line up the gun’s sights, don’t worry – you’ll be able to quickly and accurately shoot your target in mere seconds with either piece. The new version of the M17 is incredibly light and much simpler to use than the old M9 piece. However, altering between “safe to fire” and reverting back takes some time to get used to, especially if you are not used to using external safeties on handguns. Furthermore, aligning the grip hand thumb to ensure it does not affect the slide release requires multiple mags to perfect. However, aside from these relatively insignificant flaws, both the M17 and M18 are intuitive and fun to fire.

Owners of the M17 rave about its Tritium sights that glow in the dark. These sights are complete with a green light in the front and orange in the rear to ensure you have the optimal alignment when in a stressful situation. Both the M17 and the M18 are built with removable rear plates that facilitate the addition of red dot optics. Though the M18 is certainly smaller than the M17, it fires quite similarly, proving accurate and quick even when licking off shots in a rapid fire manner. In short, both pieces fire without flaw, especially at short-to-medium range.

Specifications of the M17 and M18

The M18 is comparably compact, using the exact same frame as the M17 version yet its grip is smaller. Furthermore, the M17 has a shorter slide and a 3.9-inch barrel. The M17 is outfitted with a standard 17 round magazine along with two extended 21 round versions. Let’s take a closer look at the nuanced specifications of both pieces.


Sig Sauer M17 Technical Specs:

  • Barrel length 4.7"
  • Total length 8"
  • Weight 29.4 ounces
  • Width 1.4"
  • Height 5.5"
  • Sight radius 6.6"
  • Accessory rail M1913
  • Trigger Action Striker
  • Trigger Type Curved
  • Grip module Carry Polymer medium
  • Grip color Coyote Tan
  • Barrel material Carbon Steel
  • Frame finish Stainless steel
  • Frame material Stainless steel
  • Slide finish Coyote PVD
  • Slide material Stainless steel

Sig Sauer M18 Technical Specs:

Sig M18
  • Barrel length 3.9"
  • Total length 7.2"
  • Weight 26 ounces
  • Width 1.4"
  • Height 5.5"
  • Sight radius 5.8"
  • Accessory rail M1913
  • Trigger Action Striker
  • Trigger type Standard curved
  • Grip module Carry Polymer Medium
  • Grip color Coyote Tan
  • Barrel material Carbon Steel
  • Frame finish Stainless Steel
  • Frame material Stainless Steel
  • Slide Finish Coyote PVD
  • Slide material Stainless steel


If you are like most gun enthusiasts, you embrace the opportunity to fire the same guns as those used by members of our armed services including those who heroically serve in the army. The M17 and M18 provide that exact opportunity. Seize the opportunity to fire the civilian versions of these guns and you will find both are worthy of the price tag and then some. These diminutive pieces fire rapidly and accurately, hitting targets both close and far away. Take these guns out to the range for yourself, blast away and you will agree they are surprisingly powerful and accurate considering their comparably small sizes.