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What is the best holster for a 1911?

What is the best holster for a 1911?

If you’re one of the millions of gun owners that carry a 1911 as an everyday carry, you know the importance of choosing a great holster. Not only do you want to ensure that you can quickly and safely draw your weapon, but you also want to be comfortable. Having a holster that can keep your 1911 safely under your control while not feeling like you’re being gouged by your firearm or strained your holster is of the utmost importance. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the best holster for a 1911. Fortunately, our team here at We The People Holsters has compiled a list of some of the best 1911 holsters on the market. Before we dive into the list, let’s take a quick look at the various types of holsters you can choose from and what each of them bring to the table.

Why You Need a Holster for a 1911

Anyone who is going to carry their 1911 should invest in a quality holster. There are multiple reasons to have a holster for your 1911, but we’re just going to quickly look at a few of them.

Increased Safety

Since there is no real reason to carry an unloaded firearm around with you, your 1911 will probably be loaded when you carry it. Sticking a loaded gun inside the waistband of your pants without a holster is a huge mistake and could be considered negligent gun ownership. Not only does a holster prevent your 1911 from unsafely moving around, but it also provides an immediate cover for your trigger. As a responsible gun owner, you know that your trigger shouldn’t be touched until you’re ready to fire the weapon. A good holster ensures that nothing comes in contact with your 1911’s trigger.

Cut Down on Loading and Reloading

Gun owners know that the time they spend loading and unloading their firearm is arguably the most dangerous time they spend with their firearm. Since leaving a loaded weapon laying around isn’t the wisest decision, many people go through the process of unloading their firearm when they get home everyevening and reloading it again the next morning. Leaving your 1911 in its holster even when you’re not carrying it prevents you from having to go through the process of unloading and reloading your gun every day. In the event that you need access to your 1911, you should be able to pull it from the holster just as quickly as you could pick it up without one.

Increases Concealment 

Many gun owners prefer to conceal their firearm, and some state laws require that you do so. Having a good, reliable holster for your 1911 allows you to conceal your firearm regardless of how you’re dressed. In fact, depending on the type of holster you choose, having your gun holstered may make your 1911 look like something else entirely (i.e. a cell phone) to the untrained eye according to the NRA. Depending on the style of holster you use for your 1911, it can also help the gun sit a bit higher, leading to a quicker draw in a high-pressure situation.

Increased Comfort

Ultimately, the comfort level you experience with your 1911 has a direct impact on your ability to use the firearm safely and effectively. Finding the right holster can help ensure that you are comfortable while carrying your weapon. Instead of “fighting against” the gun, a good holster will distribute the weight of the 1911 more evenly allowing you to be comfortable with it. Plus, having gun metal rub against your skin all day isn’t going to be comfortable. Choosing a holster made of high-quality material, like kydex, can help ensure that you don’t even notice the presence of the firearm.

Different Types of 1911 Holsters

If you’ve done a quick Google search for 1911 holsters, you may have found yourself overwhelmed at the number of results. Looking at a group of items as expansive as holsters that will fit your 1911 may not be the best place to start. Before you really start looking, you need to determine the type of holster that you want to use to carry your 1911. 

IWB Holsters

IWB, or inside the waistband holsters are a favorite among gun enthusiasts who want to make sure that no one around them knows they have a firearm in their possession. These holsters typically clip to the waistband of your pants and keep your weapon on the inside of your pants, between your upper-leg and your waist. While IWB holsters are a great choice for keeping your firearm completely concealed, they can be less comfortable than some other options depending on the type of clothing that you will wear while carrying your 1911.

OWB Holsters

Conversely, OWB, or outside the waistband holsters are often considered more comfortable because the gun is never in direct contact with your skin. However, concealing a gun in an OWB holster can be significantly more difficult. Unless you wear baggy clothes or a jacket, it can be difficult to conceal your 1911 as a OWB. Additionally, before you commit to a holster that lends itself more to open carrying, you should familiarize yourself with your state’s laws.

Rail vs. No Rail

Some of the attachments on your 1911 can have an impact on the type of holster that you choose. For instance, if you have a rail on your 1911, you will need to get a holster that is conducive to 1911s with a rail. Picatinny rails allow you to mount laser sights to your 1911, increasing accuracy and giving your 1911 a more modern look. Ultimately, putting a rail on your 1911 is a decision you will have to make based on what you’re using the gun for. For gun enthusiasts who carry their 1911 daily, having the ability to attach a laser sight can make an already great gun even more technologically advanced. Just be sure to get a holster that will work with a rail if you want one attached.

Red Dot

You may see us use the term “red dot” when looking at your holster options. If you’re not familiar with the term, we are talking about holsters that can hold a firearm that has been mounted with red dot sights. Also referred to as “optically sighted” pistols, the presence of red dot sights on your 1911 is a great addition for defensive shooting. Lots of instructors and shooting schools have recently started catering to red dot sights. However, as is the case with rails, you need to be sure to get a holster that will work with an optically sighted pistol. 

The Best Holsters for a 1911

The list you’re about to read certainly isn’t all of your options. These are simply some of the holsters that our team at We The People Holsters consider the best when it comes to safely carrying a 1911.

Springfield 1911 4” With Rail OWB Holster

The first option on our list is an OWB holster designed for a 1911 with a rail. Made out of durable, waterproof Kydex, this holster offers a thin profile that enables you to carry your 1911 outside of your waistband while still being discreet with it. The best part about this holster is the fact that you have so much room to customize how you carry your 1911. With adjustable tension, you can increase or decrease the amount of tension on your belt and the holster. This holster also allows you to adjust the cant of your gun while giving you 12 different angles that you can set the clips at. You’re in total control of how you carry a 1911 with this holster.

Springfield 1911 4” With Rail IWB Holster 

The most important part of an IWB holster is being able to quickly draw and re-holster your 1911 without your holster moving. If you’re in a high-pressure situation and don’t want to take your eyes away from your target, being able to re-holster without looking is paramount. That’s why this is such a great option. The clips on this holster are high-quality and secure firmly to ensure that the holster doesn’t move even when the gun is drawn or re-holstered. Also made out of Kydex, the holster will contour to the natural shape of your upper leg which makes it one of the more comfortable IWB holsters on the market. Finally, the clips can be set to 8 different positions which gives you control of the angle that your 1911 rests against your body.

Colt 1911 4” Commander No Rail OWB Holster

This is one of the best options for gun owners who have not put a rail on their 1911. Much like the previous OWB holster we mentioned, this one comes with 12 different position settings that gives you full control of how your firearm rests in the holster. The protective sweat guard helps ensure that there is a comfort barrier between your body and the gun. You also have full customization options as far as the cant and the ride of your 1911.

Colt 1911 5” Government No Rail Only IWB Holster

Having a thin profile on your IWB holster is not only important for concealment, but it also greatly enhances your comfort. The secure belt clip ensures that your holster won’t move if you have to quickly pull your weapon in a high-stress situation meaning that you can quickly re-holster without fumbling around with a holster that isn’t where you left it. If you need to adjust the angle of your gun based on your body position, shape or size, the clips go into 8 different positions putting you in full control.

Final Thoughts

Our team at We The People Holsters recognize the fact that the holster you choose is every bit as important as the firearm you opt for. Whether you are looking for a weapon to take to the range, something for personal defense in an everyday carry situation or the firearm that you’re going to use to protect your home and family, We The People Holster wants to make sure that you are educated about all of your options. Not only do we want to make sure you have the right gun, but we also want to ensure that you have a holster that you can comfortably and safely carry your 1911 in. Continue to check We The People Holsters’ website for information about the latest and best holsters on the market.