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Women and Outside The Waistband Holsters: What You Need to Consider

Women and Outside The Waistband Holsters: What You Need to Consider

Women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the firearm industry. Because of this, many products are being tailored to women’s slighter frames and particular physiques.

If you’re a woman considering using an OWB or outside the waistband holster, there are some aspects you should consider, including gun size, body type, activity levels, and your wardrobe choices.

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Choosing the Right Holster Style

Two of the most popular choices of holsters for women are inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters. There are also purse holsters, bra holsters, and shoulder and ankle holsters.

You should make sure that the holster you choose facilitates drawing your weapon while the holster is secured on your body. With some holsters, you need to secure the gun in the holster and then strap it to your body.

At no point should you have to point your gun at any part of your body while you draw. Never position a firearm so that it sits across your spine.

OWB holsters are the most common for gun enthusiasts because they offer user comfort and an easy draw. Here are some other considerations to think about when you're making holster choices.

Your Wardrobe

Women have a lot of variety in what they can wear, although more unique variations for men are becoming mainstream. Unfortunately for women, some wardrobe choices may not support the holster they want to use.

Look at what you wear every day. If you are partial to jeans, pants, or shorts with a thick waistband, you can use a belt-mounted OWB holster to provide the stability and comfort you need.

If you favor yoga pants made of stretchy material or sheer clothing, you may need to buy an extra accessory like a gun belt, to carry your gun without stretching out your clothing. Just ensure the belt is wide enough to sustain the gun’s weight and distribute it evenly.

The rise of your pants can make a difference in what kind of holster you use. High-rise pants may make it difficult to draw your gun and cause the firearm to dig uncomfortably into your midsection.

Conversely, low-rise jeans may cause your pistol’s grip to skew out, making it hard to conceal and even harder to draw.

Consider your wardrobe in different seasons as well. You may prefer an IWB holster in the summer when you can wear form-fitting clothing, but an OWB holster in the winter when you can conceal your pistol with a long coat or baggy sweater.

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What is Your Body Shape?

Not only do you need to think about what you wear, but you should think about your body type so you can choose the most comfortable holster and accessories on the market.

Apple-shaped women carry more weight in their upper torsos, and inverted triangles or pear-shapes have more weight distributed in their hips and thighs. Round shapes have curves in their midsections, and rectangular body shapes usually don’t have many curves.

If you have a predominantly apple-shaped physique, an OWB holster may make the grip of the gun jut awkwardly out, making concealment difficult. A good holster and belt can make this a non-issue, however.

Pear-shaped bodies with hourglass figures have trouble-free time concealing a firearm with an OWB holster since their curves make it easy to tuck the grip close to their bodies.

People with rounder shapes may have a hard time concealing their weapon if they carry it in an OWB on their waistband. If this relates to you, explore the different options of purpose-built holsters and belts to help with this issue.

Rectangular or athletic bodies may still face issues hiding a concealed weapon as they don’t have the same curvy dimensions.

However, since women gun enthusiasts are such a rapidly growing group in the gun industry, there are quite a few custom-made holsters and belts. If concealment is an issue, a heavy jacket or vest might work perfectly to conceal your weapon when you’re in public.

When you’re looking for a holster to carry your gun, the final considerations are the firearm’s size and your daily activities.

How Big is Your Gun?

The most common advice for those who want to carry concealed in an OWB holster is that you should carry the largest gun you can shoot comfortably and conceal simultaneously.

With an OWB holster, you can experiment with different sized pistols to see which one suits you best. There are also options for holsters and gun belts with multiple mounting points and extra support.

If you would like to move toward wearing a holster with a subcompact firearm, practice is essential. Each weapon takes time to get used to, and when you throw a holster or gun belt into the mix, the learning curve gets even steeper.

What Are Your Daily Activities?

If you have a job that has you moving around a lot or climbing telephone poles, firearm retention in the holster must be a primary concern.

If you’re in constant contact with others, and sometimes physical contact, you need a sturdy holster that does not bend with pressure from a hug or other contact.

Comfort is also something to consider. If you are wearing a firearm all day in your holster and mainly sit at a desk, you don’t want your pistol to dig uncomfortably into your torso or hips when you sit.

Other Considerations

While you’re sifting through all your options, there are two central tenets that you must keep at the forefront of your mind when you’re shopping for OWB gun holsters.

First, the holster that you choose must adequately shield the trigger guard while your gun is in the carry position. Ensure the holster you choose isn’t made of a soft material that isn’t resilient to outside pressure.

Secondly, the firearm must be secured and in place in the holster, with no slipping.

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The Final Word

Choosing a firearm and its accessories is a personal journey. As your gun skills deepen and grow, you form opinions about certain firearms. Perhaps you don’t like the recoil of larger caliber handguns or prefer the compact feel of a subcompact weapon.

This may also be the case with any accessories you use to carry your firearm. OWB holsters are a fantastic choice for women shooters’ growing demographic because they accommodate different clothes, small or large handguns, and various activities.

At We the People Holsters, we understand all the unique considerations that have to be factored in to choose the right holster for you. Always made in America, our holsters and other gun accessories offer stability, flexibility, and comfort.