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Hoodie Rounds Installation

Thanks for purchasing our Hoodie Rounds. Your Hoodie Rounds package contains 2 Hoodie Rounds consisting of a brass casing and copper bullet cap each. 


Begin by removing any clips that your drawstring may already have installed or by untying any knots. If your drawstring has a plastic end cap, leave that on for now, because it will make installation easier.

To install

  1. Remove existing knots from the drawstring
  2. Pull on the drawstring to stretch it out – this will help make the drawstring thinner to ease the installation

  3. Thread the drawstring through the center of the brass casing

  4. Tie a knot and pull it as tightly as you can to make the knot as small as possible

  5. Pull the casing over the knot and thread the bullet cap onto the casing to complete the installation