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Order Custom Holsters

We the People Holsters is proud to offer custom-designed holsters as a complement to our already comprehensive product line. We rely on only the most skilled and experienced craftsmen to complete the custom-ordered holsters we make available to our customers, as we are fully aware of the importance of attention to detail in creating a specially designed holster. This focus on quality workmanship ensures that every product we offer -- custom or otherwise -- is dependable in every possible scenario.

Although custom holsters were once available on a very limited basis, We the People Holsters believes all of our customers are deserving of a holster designed according to the highly precise set of specifications they request. In a number of past circumstances, these special requests have been instrumental in moving the industry forward by inspiring new design innovations that filled a need that had not yet been properly recognized.

For customers interested in a custom-designed holster or a holster for a firearm that is no longer manufactured, please contact us with your specific design requests so that we may begin the process of completing your custom-designed holster according to your unique specifications.

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