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2011 Pistol Review | Read About Our 2011 Gun Review Online

2011 Pistol Review | Read About Our 2011 Gun Review Online

Before we get into the 2011 handgun review, let's breifly discuss the history of this gun. The traditional 1911 pistol is a single stack handgun with a magazine capacity, in .45 caliber, of seven or eight rounds. Since the 1980s, interest in modernized and high-capacity weapons based on the 1911 platform has steadily increased. One of the first companies to offer a 1911 with a double stack magazine was the Canadian manufacturer Para-Ordnance. 

The 2011 pistol continues that trend and represents a significant upgrade compared with the traditional 1911 pistol pattern. This new design features improvements in every category, from sights and ergonomics to controls. This 2011 pistol review will cover everything you need to know about the gun.

What is a 2011 Pistol?

A 2011 pistol is a modernized, double stack 1911 handgun optimized for competitive target shooting, self-defense, and law enforcement. Like the 1911, it is a hammer-fired, single action only (SAO) semi-automatic pistol with a Browning short-recoil system. 

There are, however, several significant differences. Let’s take a closer look at the Staccato P: one of the best examples of a 2011 pistol on the market. 

The Best 2011 Pistol: Staccato Pistol Variants

Staccato P 45

Empty and without the magazine, the Staccato P weighs 33 oz., roughly 6 oz. lighter than a full-size 1911 pistol. The overall length of the pistol is 8.0” with a 4.4” barrel, and the grip width is 1.3” (1.49” if you include the width of the manual safeties). The height is 5.5”, typical for a weapon of this type. 

The heaviest weapon in Staccato’s catalog is the XL variant, which weighs 38 oz. and substitutes a 5.4” barrel and lengthened slide for an increased sight radius and more weight up front. This pistol has the same height and width as the P, but the overall length is almost an inch more (8.9”).

The Staccato C is a compact variant of the 2011 pistol series optimized for concealed carry. This compact pistol has a 3.9” barrel, an overall length of 7.44”, and a height of 4.94”. 

Because this 2011 pistol is fed from an 8-round single stack magazine, its width is only 1.07”, almost identical to the subcompact Glock 43. The weight is still 26.6 oz. Regardless of which pistol variant you’re interested in, many of them share the same features.

2011 Pistol Caliber Review

One of the upgrades includes the caliber. While the traditional 1911 caliber is .45, modern 9mm JHP loads achieve consistent expansion and sufficient penetration to be considered effective. The relatively low recoil impulse allows for faster sight recovery and more rapid follow-up shots than the heavier cartridge, ideal for a race gun.

2011 Pistol Barrel Review

The Staccato P is available with a stainless steel or DLC-coated (diamond-like carbon) barrel with or without a threaded muzzle. If you select the variant with the threaded muzzle, you have an attachment point for a sound suppressor or compensator. 

You’ll also notice that the Staccato uses a bull barrel without a bushing. The barrel bushing aligns the barrel properly inside the slide. A bull barrel has an increased OD (outside diameter), which substitutes for this purpose. One of the advantages of the increased OD is rigidity — there’s less barrel whip during firing. 

In the Staccato XC variant, the barrel has an integral compensator that exhausts propellant gases vertically to reduce muzzle climb. When combined with the weight — 37.56 oz. (without magazine) — this provides a stable, accurate platform with +P loads.

2011 Pistol Frame and Ergonomics Review

Fit and feel are essential to a comfortable shooting experience and the ability to adequately control the weapon. The front strap, backstrap, and sides of the grip are textured for a firm, secure hold. 

However, unlike most 1911 pistols, the grip is also polymer, so it doesn’t dig into your skin the same way as checkered steel. The slide also has deeply cut charging serrations fore and aft, so you can comfortably grip and retract the slide from several different positions.

Double Stack 1911 Controls

1911 pistols typically have two safeties: A manually operated thumb safety catch and a passively operated grip safety. In the Staccato P, the manual safety is mirrored for ambidextrous operation. 

The lever is also serrated and flared, so you can manipulate it efficiently under time pressure or inclement weather. The grip safety has an upswept beavertail and a memory bump, ensuring consistent activation. This is standard on modern 1911 pistols.

Double Stack 1911 Trigger

One of the signature elements of a double stack 1911 pistol is the light, crisp SAO trigger. This is part of the reason for the platform’s continued popularity, especially when compared with striker-fired handguns. 

Staccato trigger

The Staccato P has a skeletonized 4 lb. trigger with an overtravel adjustment screw and a short, positive reset. For precise, consistent shooting, this is optimal, but it also allows you to shoot quickly. In the XC, the trigger weight is even lower at 2.5 lb.

2011 Gun Sights Review

For high visibility, the front sight has a fiber-optic insert, which amplifies ambient light during the day. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, which is useful when experimenting with different loads for competition or defensive use. However, the slide is also cut to accept a reflector sight, increasing target acquisition. You can also install elevated iron sights for use with a suppressor.

2011 Pistol Magazine Review

Staccato doublestack magazine

The Staccato P is fed from a double stack magazine holding 17 or 20 rounds, providing the gun owner with ample firepower for competitive matches or self-defense. In addition to the increased capacity, the frame has a flared and beveled magazine well for faster reloads. You won’t have to worry about your magazines catching on the edges of the frame.

Double Stack 1911 Accessory rail

For attaching accessories to your weapons, such as weapon-mounted lights or lasers, the Staccato P has an accessory rail machined into the dust cover (the part of the frame in front of the trigger guard). 

Does the 2011 Pistol Have Any Downsides?

The primary disadvantage of 2011 pistols, including Staccato firearms, is the price. These are not budget-friendly handguns, often costing several thousand dollars. 

For many shooters, especially those starting out, the more cost-effective solution is to purchase a cheaper handgun and invest the money saved into ammunition, training, and range practice. The skills you develop with an average and low-priced gun can always translate to a more expensive firearm later. 


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