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Gift Ideas For Gun Owners in 2021

Gift Ideas For Gun Owners in 2021

Have a friend or a family member who’s a gun-enthusiast? Never know what to get them as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift? You’re not alone! We have put together a list of gun-enthusiast approved gifts that will surely please your gun-loving gift recipient.

Gun Holsters ($40 - $65)

Holsters are made for nearly every single handgun in existence. Even if your gift recipient already has a holster for every gun they own, you can still buy them a unique and fun holster. Take it from us, you can never have too many holsters! There are printed holster designs for almost every occasion. You can purchase anything from camo prints to spartan prints and nearly everything in between. You can even buy a printed holster with patriotic images and reminders of what our Second Amendment is all about. 

The only exception for gifting a holster is if your giftee has a custom-made gun for which there is no equal in existence. While a custom holster for a custom gun would probably make an awesome gift, there is no way to get a custom-made holster for a unique, custom-made gun without having the gun in your possession for at least a short time to get measurements. This might prove difficult to do which is why we recommend going with a holster for a standard gun or purchasing one of the other gifts on this list.

Conceal and Carry Gifts ($21 - $85)

If the gun-enthusiast in your life has a conceal and carry license, there's a good chance that they like having different conceal and carry options. The good news is that there are all kinds of gifts available in this category. You just have to know your gift recipient’s preference. 

For example, there are conceal and carry purses, many of which resemble high end designer bags and purses. There are also conceal and carry clothing options, which allows wearers to carry a firearm without firearm bulges. Some conceal and carry clothing includes loose fitting t-shirts as well as hoodie sweatshirts with specially designed kangaroo pockets just for handguns. Additionally, there are gun belts, which is a fantastic gift for those who love to carry everyday.

New Grips ($40 - $150)

Let's face it, grips that come standard on some guns are just not good. They don't feel right in one's hands, and they don't work the way they were meant to work. If your giftee complains how the gun feels in their hands, it's likely that they are in need of a new set of grips

Some manufacturers have two or more different post-manufacturing grip sets that you can purchase to fit your exact gun, if you don't like the standard grips on the gun. It won't be hard to start a conversation about this matter either; gun-enthusiasts typically love talking about their guns and what they like and don't like about their firearm of choice. 

Mag Carriers ($26)

Mag carriers, or magazine carriers are attachments that can be put on a gun belt or clipped on pants. The mag carrier secures at least one magazine clip filled with ammunition and also protects the bullets. Since the mag carrier keeps the mag clip close to the person wearing it, it provides easy access to more ammunition when needed. Mag carriers are not a necessity, but they are definitely a bonus to have! 

Laser Sights ($50 - $700)

Laser sites on the end of a handgun help increase accuracy when shooting. There is nothing worse than not being able to hit a target when practicing. You can help your favorite gun owner achieve their dreams of perfect marksmanship by purchasing a laser sight or a red dot sight for their guns. 

When choosing a sight, make sure you know exactly what make and model of gun you are buying a sight for. Red dot sights are purportedly more accurate than others, but laser sights are great too. Your gun-toting friend or family member will just be thrilled to have a way to shoot perfectly straight with the sight you purchased for them. 

Scopes ($50 - $1,000+)

Along with sights, scopes are another bonus for helping achieve accuracy. Certain handguns can be easily outfitted with a scope, and some are even designed to be outfitted with one. One example is the Taurus Raging Hunter, a ferocious looking weapon that makes most gun fanatics ogle with glee. This particular gun is designed to mount a very nice scope along the top of the barrel so that you don't need to pull out a rifle or shotgun to see prey. Scopes are generally sold separately from guns, which makes them very "giftable". 

Holster Claws ($18)

A holster claw may sound like a funny name for an item, especially if you’re not familiar with guns. This tiny little device attaches to a gun holster and pulls the gun and holster closer to the body, helping disguise them from view. It is the ultimate gift for anyone who wants absolute privacy with conceal and carry. Most holster claws are universal and come with their own hardware, making them a great gift.

Gun Cleaning Kits ($10 - $250)

Many gun owners are dedicated to their firearm hobby. It means they will clean their guns before shooting and they will clean their guns after shooting. Sometimes they clean their guns just to see how fast they can take apart a gun, clean it, and put it back together. It's a thing. Really. 

That being said, gun owners are constantly buying gun cleaning supplies. A good gift idea is a gun cleaning kit with extra bore cleaners, bristle brushes, solvents, and other fun bits. The fluids used in cleaning guns typically runs out the quickest, but the tools often need replacing as well. For this gift you have two options, purchase the entire gun cleaning kit, or buy them separately and give them as smaller gifts or even stocking stuffers.

EDC Dump Trays ($19 - $27)

If you are not a gun owner yourself, EDC stands for "Everyday Carry”. EDC includes everything a gun owner carries on their person (i.e. holsters, gun belts, or even gun related items in their pockets, etc.). At the end of the day, all of these items are pulled out and dropped on a dump tray. Dump trays are usually made of rubber. Dump trays help the gun owners keep track of where everything is. Many gun owners also use dump trays to keep track of their keys, pocket change, and wallet. If you don’t have any idea what type of gun your giftee owns, you can never go wrong with a dump try. 

Shooting Range Time ($20/hr. - $100/hr.)

Shooting ranges are usually a fun place for gun owners to use and practice with their firearm. However, shooting ranges charge for a lane, they charge for the paper targets, and they charge for the time that the shooters want to be standing in a lane firing. For anyone that loves regular target practice, this hobby can quickly get expensive. 

You can buy the gift of shooting range time. It usually comes in the form of a gift certificate stating exactly what the certificate is for. The date and time for use is always open-ended, allowing the recipient to choose when he or she wants to go shooting. Shooting range time is usually purchased in thirty-minute or hour increments. 

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates ($10+)


When you're at a complete loss as to what to get in terms of a gun-related gift, purchase a gift card and let the giftee choose. A gift card for a gun accessory store will never disappoint a gun-enthusiast. 

A Final Shot From the Hip

We The People Holsters prides itself on providing high-quality products for gun-enthusiasts and for people who support the Second Amendment rights. We also support and honor our military and our veterans. If you have any questions about a product, please don't hesitate to contact us. Be sure to check out all of our accessories for your one-of-a-kind gift.



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