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Durable Dump Tray Collection
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WTP Holsters has established itself as more than the supplier of functional and stylish concealed carry Kydex holsters. We also offer Kydex Dump Trays that allows you to dump all your everyday carry essentials when you walk in the door. What makes these dump trays essential is their practical and versatile design.

Versatile Valet Trays for EDC

The Kydex Valet trays feature small compartments to store keys, mobile phone, guns, and more. Lightweight and durable, you can carry the trays as you travel. These can be used in office, home, or car to securely store small yet essential items that usually go missing when needed. It keeps the space organized and tidy. Use the EDC tray to keep your change, wallet, car keys, sunglasses, and more.

Designer Trays with Distinctive Patterns

The WTP Dump Trays are designed to provide a convenient catch-all. They are made using 0.08 in. Kydex that ensure strength and durability. These trays are easy to clean with soap and water. Handcrafted in the USA, these trays symbolize precision and perfection. A great catch-all for your EDC essentials, or disassembling knives, the EDC Kydex trays are polished and rounded for a professional hand-finished appeal. These trays are available in three variating patterns- American Flag, We the People Holsters, and Gadsden Flag. The patterns are 3D embedded. They are available in Black, Carbon Fiber and Tan colors.