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Best P365 Holster

Best P365 Holster



If you own a SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact and want to carry it safely and securely, there’s no substitute for a high-quality waistband holster and a proper gun belt. 

When you’re searching for a suitable SIG P365 holster, you’ll need to ensure it’s rugged, retains your firearm securely, allows for deep concealment, and protects your weapon’s trigger guard. 

Once these conditions are met, you can rest assured that your weapon will be available to you when you need it most.

SIG P365

The SIG Sauer P365 is a semi-automatic, polymer-framed, striker-fired handgun designed for concealed carry. SIG designed the P365 to compete directly against other subcompact concealed-carry handguns, such as the popular Glock 43. 

The two pistols are comparable to each other in weight, height, width, and length. However, the critical difference is magazine capacity. While the G43 is fed from a 6-round single-stack magazine, the P365 uses a double-stack, flush-fit 10-round magazine. 

If you need additional capacity, it’s also compatible with 12- and 15-round magazines that extend past the frame. Despite its 10-round capacity, the P365 has a reasonable width of 1”, a height of 4.3”, an overall length of 5.8” with a 3.1” barrel, and a weight of 17.8 oz.

How to Find the Best P365 Holster

When you’re looking for a suitable holster for the SIG P365, there are both universal and weapon-specific requirements that you should consider.


For concealed and open carry, there are two types of waistband holsters: OWB and IWB. If you want to carry a compact or subcompact handgun concealed, an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster is ideal. 

It minimizes printing by keeping the weapon close to the body and partially hidden by the pants. Printing is when the weapon or gun holster forms a visible outline through clothing. Subcompact weapons are also more comfortable to carry this way, as there’s less bulk.


Holster materials can be divided into two categories: Leather and Kydex. While leather holsters are generally considered more comfortable, as leather is softer and molds to your body over time, Kydex, a thermoplastic, is more durable. 

A Kydex holster is more resistant to the elements and retains its shape more effectively than leather does. 


A holster should be safe to carry. While retention plays a role in safety — ensuring your weapon remains secure on your body — it isn’t everything. The holster should also fully enclose the trigger guard, preventing your index finger or foreign debris from contacting the trigger and unintentionally firing the weapon. 

The mouth should remain open at all times. If the mouth collapses when you draw, you may need to open it with your support hand to re-holster your firearm.

Passive retention

An active-retention holster that uses a protective flap, thumb break, or retention strap may be necessary for OWB holsters and open carry to reduce the risk of disarmament. 

However, most experts do not recommend an active retention holster when using a concealed-carry IWB holster.

An open-top holster with passive retention is more efficient, allowing for a less inhibited draw stroke. 

If you need to draw your weapon in response to a potentially lethal threat, anything that delays or complicates your access is a liability. 


You should be able to personalize the fit and function of your holster. An adjustable holster allows you to set the retention, the cant, and the ride height to suit your carry preferences. By tightening the retention screw, you can increase or decrease the resistance level. 

The cant and the ride height are the angle and height of the holster in relation to the waistband. Both factors affect concealability and accessibility. 

Sweat shield/guard

When the rear part of the holster extends upward, covering the slide partially or fully, that’s called a sweat shield or guard. The purpose of the sweat shield is to act as a barrier between your body and the gun’s slide. 

In IWB holsters, where the gun is held close to the body, a sweat shield can prevent perspiration from contacting the firearm and causing the slide or other parts to corrode. While modern handguns typically have rust-resistant finishes, minimizing exposure is still a good idea. 

Concealment Accessories

A claw or wing is one of the most useful concealment devices you can buy for an IWB holster. This device presses against the inside of your waistband, driving the holster into your body for a close fit. If you find that, despite your choice of holster and firearm, you still experience printing, try installing a claw.

Mag Carriers

Although the P365 has a 10+1 capacity, as standard, and can accept 12- and 15-round magazines, carrying spare ammunition can improve your chances in a fight. An IWB mag carrier, also known as a magazine pouch or magazine holster, allows you to carry an additional magazine discreetly and comfortably on or behind your non-dominant hip.

Remember, however, to practice accessing and reloading while wearing your IWB holster.

Gun Belts

Your gun belt should be rigid, durable, and support the weight of your weapon, extra ammunition, and other EDC tools (e.g., handheld flashlights, emergency trauma kits). 

An inappropriate or low-quality gun belt may sag or rotate, disclosing your weapon to bystanders. 

Your gun belt should also be able to keep your holster in the same position consistently. When you attempt to draw your weapon, it should be exactly where you expect. 

This is why you should take the time to find a gun belt that fits your body type, one that won’t shift up or down or side to side constantly.


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Carry the Best Gun in the Best Holster

Your choice of a concealed-carry firearm should be the best for your needs: Rugged, dependable, and effective. Don’t compromise when selecting a gun holster to match. We The People Holsters manufactures OWB and IWB Kydex and leather holsters for various concealed-carry handguns, including the popular SIG P365. 

Our products are proudly made in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. If you’re interested in buying an IWB SIG Sauer P365 holster, don’t settle for second best. Explore our online catalog today.