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Shop Kydex pistol holsters online from We The People Holsters. Our Kydex gun holsters are durable, functional, and comfortable. Kydex holsters are more rigid and more durable than leather holsters, are waterproof, and have a fully adjustable retention and cant. Explore our top-rated Kydex holsters and shop online today.

How to Choose the Best Kydex Holsters for Everyday Concealed Carry

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the list to the best Kydex holsters for your needs. Keep reading to discover which features to look for (and which to avoid) for safe and practical everyday carry.

When it's time to pick out your EDC gun holsters, Kydex is one of the best material options due to its light weight and lasting durability. But not every manufacturer is the same! There are several features that set our models apart from cheap "kydex" holsters and make them safe, comfortable and easy to conceal.

To begin with, make sure you're not buying a cut-rate plastic imitation. The term "kydex" or "kydek holsters" is sometimes misused to apply to lower-quality plastics which are too abrasive, and over time, these can cause serious wear and tear to your gun. All of our holsters are made from high-quality kydex to ensure the longevity of your finish.

Which is Better for EDC: Leather or Kydex Pistol Holsters?

Although some prefer leather holsters for their classic appearance, they're not as durable for everyday carry. Unlike Kydex, leather holsters can soften up just like a pair of leather boots or an old baseball glove. And just like those boots and gloves, leather holsters will respond to ambient moisture and change their shape as you wear them — sometimes to the point of creasing and catching the trigger of your pistol as you sit down. That's a dangerous drawback! Custom kydex holsters can still look just as nice as leather, but since they're waterproof, they keep their shape regardless of the conditions you're wearing them in. Plus, as a bonus, they tend to be more affordable.

What Features Should I Look for in High-Quality Kydex Gun Holsters?

To minimize wear and tear on your gun, the top-rated Kydex holsters will be made to fit your exact gun model. They should also be designed with an adjustable retention screw which you can tighten or loosen to allow for a smooth draw; otherwise, the gun could catch in its holster just when you need it most. And for those who need maximum concealment, a holster claw should be available to avoid printing. The best Kydex holsters for EDC are also made to be worn with or without a gun belt, so that you won't be limited in your choice of clothing. Last but not least, they should be designed with comfort in mind, especially IWB holsters. After all, the best holster for every-day carry is the one you'll actually carry every day!

How Do I Maintain My Kydex Concealed Holsters?

Keeping your holster clean is important, especially if you carry in dusty conditions. If allowed to accumulate, trapped dirt and debris can rub against your gun and wear away the finish. Fortunately our Kydex gun holsters are handmade from durable kydex, so they're incredibly easy to maintain. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt particles, then dry them off before putting your gun back in. Also, since our Kydex concealed holsters are already molded to fit your model of gun and you don't want them to change shape, avoid storing them in extremely hot conditions (such as direct sunlight in a closed automobile) where the high temperatures could deform the polymer. 

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Not only are they incredibly practical for daily use, our Kydex concealed holsters can also be custom printed to show off your style, and maybe even start a conversation with a like-minded Second Amendment supporter. Choose from designs including American flags, camo, the thin blue line and many others.

Our customers rave about the comfort and style of our models. Plus, every option is designed to give that satisfying "click" when the gun is securely slotted into place, so you can concealed carry with confidence. That's why we sell some of the best Kydex holsters around — find yours today.