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Holiday Gift Guide for Patriotic Americans

Holiday Gift Guide for Patriotic Americans



The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to consider how you can show the patriotic Americans in your life that you care. Nothing is more patriotic than supporting local business, so choose from this selection of high-quality all-American holiday gifts by We The People Holsters, designed and hand-made right here in the United States.

Whether the patriot in your life is a hunting enthusiast, part of the armed forces, a Veteran, or a member of uniformed services, we have the perfect gift for them this holiday season.

Bottle-Opener Coasters

Nothing is worse than grabbing an ice cold beer, sitting down to relax, putting on your favorite show, then looking down to realize you forgot to open your beer. Now you have to get back up and walk all the way into the kitchen to retrieve the bottle opener. 

If only you had these bottle-opener coasters, you wouldn't of had to get back up. Just grab your coaster off the coffee table and use the built-in bottle opener. What a perfect way to relax! 

Concealed Carry Leggings 




Women who frequently carry a concealed firearm know there aren’t many high-quality concealment clothing options available.

Leggings are great because they are comfortable, easy to put on and remove, and are a comfier alternative to pants and jeans. Classic leggings typically don’t have belt loops or pockets, and the few that do are poor-quality and fall apart after a few wash cycles. They are neither suitable nor safe when carrying a gun.

We The People Holsters stocks the Defender, a pair of tactical concealed carry leggings designed by patriotic Americans for women interested in exercising their Second Amendment rights. These comfortable and durable leggings are 100% hand-made in the USA by a patriot-owned company.

These leggings with belt loops are thick yet soft, made of double-sided brush material for maximum comfort. The 4-way stretch material also ensures you are comfortable and visibly covered when wearing this product.

The Defender leggings feature deep pockets partially lined with heavy-duty ballistic nylon to prevent shredding. The pockets are convenient for carrying your spare magazines, phone, keys, and other everyday items.

Leggings with Belt Loops

Most importantly, the Defender features a reinforced waistband, belt loops capable of supporting the weight of any of our gun belts, and concealed carry holsters.

Hand-crafted Gun Holsters

Gun Holster and Magazine Carrier

At We The People Holsters, our specialty is top-quality hand-crafted holsters for your handgun. All our holsters are 100% US-made for a truly patriotic product.

Our holsters fit standard 1.5” belts, making them ideal for concealed carry. The primary material is Kydex, made from 0.08” sheets and molded to the exact shape of a particular handgun model. For example, a Kydex holster molded around a Beretta 92 will only perfectly fit Beretta 92 pistols.

Kydex holsters perfectly fit the handgun model they are molded to accept, providing you with a tight, snug fit and secure retention. We offer both IWB and OWB holsters, each compatible with a large selection of handguns, including most semi-automatic pistols on the market. Whether you carry a Glock, 1911, SIG, Heckler & Koch, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, FN, CZ, or any other brand, you’re sure to find a holster that matches your model.

In addition to providing your firearm with a perfect fit, our gun holsters are fully adjustable, letting you adjust ride height, cant angle, and retention settings. Our holsters are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, including various patriotic custom prints. If you want to display your pride and love for America, the American Flag or Constitution prints are a perfect choice.

Gun Holster with Constitution Print

Alternatively, show your support for our uniformed services with the Thin Line prints: Blue for police and law enforcement, Red for firefighters and fire service, or Green for the military.

Hand Crafted Leather Holsters



For those of you who prefer the classic look & feel of leather, you may want to pick up a hand-crafted leather holster from We The People Holsters. Our leather holsters are a proprietary design featuring a double-layer shell with a grain-side interior that helps protect your firearm's finish. Tuckable clips allow you to tuck in your shirt while carrying. Each holster is molded specifically for your firearm with 3 retention points for a secure fit. 

Patriotic Dump Tray



When coming home after a long day, the first thing many Americans do is empty the contents of their pockets before getting comfortable in the living room. If this describes a friend or a family member, why not surprise them with a patriotic dump tray?

This simple but practical gift is ideal for organizing your everyday carry (EDC) equipment, such as your concealed carry handgun, spare magazines, keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, knife, and anything else you carry with you daily.

Our dump tray measures 13”x 11” and includes a convenient 4” x 5” inner section for storing your smaller items like coins and loose ammunition. Each dump tray is proudly hand-made in the USA. Make organization stylish with patriotic dump trays available in one of four patterns: American Flag, We The People Holsters, Gadsden Flag (complete with “Don’t Tread On Me”), and Betsy Ross 1776.

Each dump tray is available in five colors: black, carbon fiber, or one of three RealTree camouflage patterns (Edge, MAX-5, Advantage Classic), ideal for the hunting enthusiasts in your family.

Patriotic Hoodies

American Flag Patriotic Hoodie

When the temperature drops and Thanksgiving approaches, a hoodie is a perfect choice for staying warm and comfortable. So why not delight the patriots, freedom lovers, and gun enthusiasts in your circles with a patriotic hoodie for the holiday season?

We The People Holsters offers made in USA hoodies featuring an array of stylish and distinctive prints, ideal for displaying your love for America, your support of the Second Amendment, and your appreciation for the uniformed services.

All our hoodies are hand-printed and made with pride in the United States at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. They feature a classic design with a kangaroo pocket and draw cords and are made from a durable, cotton-polyester blend, making them resistant to fading and easy to clean.

Our hoodies are available in six different sizes, ranging from S to XXXL. For the correct size, consult our size chart.

Hoodie Rounds Drawstring Clips



The perfect gift for your gun-loving friend or family member, these 9mm bullet Hoodie Rounds drawstring clips can attach to the end of most drawstrings. Crafted from brass & copper just like the real thing, these easy to install bullets add flair to any drawstring. 

Patriotic Phone Case

American Flag with Guns Phone Case

Custom phone cases with patriotic designs are a great way to give your mobile phone some personal flair while also showing your support for the flag and nation.

We offer an extensive range of patriotic phone case designs, all professionally designed and printed in the United States. Each case features textured printing that enhances your phone’s appearance and makes it an accessory while simultaneously protecting the phone.

Choose from over 40 designs, such as the American Flag in Guns (in white, black, or patriotic colors), the Constitution, the American Eagle, or one of our Thin Line designs (red, blue, silver, green, yellow, orange, or multicolored).

Our phone cases are compatible with many Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, including tablets, such as the iPad Air or the Galaxy Note 9. Whether you love to use the latest and most advanced devices or prefer to carry an older phone, we have a case for you.

Patriotic T-Shirts

American Flag with Guns Shirt

We The People Holsters offers over 70 patriotic T-shirt designs, making them excellent gifts for the patriotic men and women in your life.

Our patriotic T-shirts employ a classic unisex cut, featuring 100% ring-spun cotton, a seamless collar, a shoulder-to-shoulder tape, and a double-needle sleeve with a bottom hem. These features make our shirts soft, lightweight, and very comfortable. The 100% cotton construction also means your shirt is naturally durable and low-maintenance. And being made in USA means your patriotic shirt will last you for many years.

Browse a wide selection of exclusive patriotic and pro-Second Amendment designs, such as the Betsy Ross Gadsden Flag, the American Flag in Guns, the Defend The Second Eagle, or the Freedom Reaper. Most of our designs are available on black or white shirts, each in six different sizes (S to XXXL).

Buying a We The People Holsters patriotic T-shirt supports American jobs. All our T-shirts are made with pride at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re looking to make a group purchase, take advantage of our T-shirt bundles and save money by purchasing a collection of 2 or 4 T-shirts.

Patriotic Tumblers

We The People Ar15 Tumbler

There is no better way to enjoy your favorite drinks while displaying American pride than with a We The People Holsters patriotic tumbler. The tumblers are available in a range of sizes, colors, and patriotic designs that will delight any freedom-loving friend or family member.

Our tumblers are made from stainless steel materials with powder-coated food-safe paint, making them durable and resistant to scratching. The double-walled vacuum insulated construction allows your tumbler to act as a vacuum flask, keeping your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 6 hours.

Available colors include black, red, white, or stainless steel (unpainted). Each design is monochrome and will appear black (on unpainted tumblers) or silver (red, white, and black tumblers). The design is laser-engraved directly into the tumbler’s surface, giving your tumbler a unique appearance. Choose from various patriotic designs, such as the We The People AR-15, the Sheepdog, the Join or Die, or one of our Veteran prints (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine).

Two sizes are available: 20 oz. and 30 oz. All models come with a clear plastic lid to prevent spillage. They are also compatible with standard-size cup holders, so you can take your favorite drinks to go.

Second Amendment Trucker Hat

We The People Baseball Cap Trucker Hat

Display your support for America and the Second Amendment with this 100% American-designed men’s trucker hat.

Our trucker hat features a striking black and white design, adorned with the We The People logo and a 2nd Amendment panel on the left side. The hat uses a 6-panel design with a full-size brim, a seamless front panel with full buckram backing, a fully adjustable snapback rear closure, and a nylon-meshed rear half.

Whether relaxing at home or driving an 18-wheeler, this Second Amendment Trucker Hat is the ideal way to keep your head cool and comfortable while showing support for gun rights in America. The outdoor enthusiasts in your life will love receiving this as a holiday gift.

Tactical Gun Belt

Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Belt

We The People Holsters offers a range of 100% American-made tactical gun belts, enabling you to carry your gun holster safely and responsibly.

Two gun belt models are available; the standard gun belt with Talon buckle, suitable for everyday, general-purpose use, and the Falcon, our exclusive, 100% metal-free buckle-less model for maximum concealment.

Our belts are 100% designed and hand-made by talented craftsmen in Las Vegas for function and practicality even under the harshest conditions. All models are available in 7 sizes (from S to 4XL) and fit standard 1.5” belt loops, making them compatible with traditional pant loops and eliminating the need to alter your wardrobe for concealed carrying.

Each belt features a double layer of high-strength scuba webbing material and an elastic magazine carrier. Both models feature size adjustment via the buckle on the Talon or through a hook-and-loop fastener on the Falcon.

The Talon and Falcon tactical belts are ideal for use with our gun holsters and other concealed carrying accessories, such as our magazine carriers.

We stand by our workmanship and believe in a long-lasting product. That’s why each model is covered by our lifetime warranty, covering any manufacturing defects.


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Display Your American Pride With We The People Holsters

At We The People Holsters, we believe in every American’s right to exercise and defend their rights, including the right to keep and bear arms.

Our mission is to provide American gun owners and patriots with the highest-quality, 100% US-made gun holsters, tactical belts, and other concealed carry accessories. If you have any questions about our products or you’re ready to place an order for the holidays, call us at (866) 998-6191 today or shop online.