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Tactical Leggings: What to Look for in Concealed Carry Leggings

Tactical Leggings: What to Look for in Concealed Carry Leggings

While standard leggings are a fashionable option for women who concealed carry, they don’t offer the features you need for optimal safety and comfort. 

Tactical leggings are also known as concealed carry leggings. They are form-fitting, elastic yoga-type pants optimized for EDC (everyday carry) and the concealed carry of firearms for self-defense.

Tactical leggings are an excellent option for concealed carry. In addition to their rugged construction and functional EDC features, they create a streamlined silhouette that pairs well with blouses, sweaters, and long-line tops that can cover your weapon even if you opt for outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry. 

Discover what to look for in a pair of tactical leggings, and explore the premium quality concealed carry leggings available at We The People Holsters. 

What to Look for in Concealed Carry Leggings

Tactical leggings are more durable than standard leggings or yoga pants because they need to accommodate an increased range of motion and wick away moisture. Unlike women’s leggings for sports or fashion, tactical leggings use thick, heavy-duty material like nylon or polyester for increased strength.

Here are some of the features you should look for in a pair of concealed carry leggings.

Durable construction 

Standard yoga pants are functional as sportswear, but thin material doesn’t offer durability when carrying knives, multitools, or gun magazines. Hard rectangular metal objects can tear or abrade the fabric. As a result, you must select a pair of leggings designed for use under various real-world conditions like the WTPH tactical leggings.

EDC pockets

For a pair of leggings to be tactical, they need to be suitable for EDC. Deep, tight pockets for holding knives, flashlights, multitools, spare magazines, or other equipment are essential.


Tactical Leggings

Tactical leggings should not chafe, irritate delicate skin, or cause itching. Tactical leggings should wick away moisture, especially during the warmer months.

Belt loops

Most yoga pants and standard leggings do not have belt loops, relying instead on an elastic waistband to keep them in position. Unfortunately, if you want to carry a concealed handgun in a waistband holster, this can pose a challenge. 

To carry a handgun securely, you should attach your holster to a gun belt. Leggings with belt loops are a necessity for waistband carry. 

We The People Holsters Defender Tactical Leggings

Our Defender Tactical Leggings are available in three lengths: Full, capris, and shorts, and two styles: Belt loops and high waist. We manufacture all three styles from heavy-duty four-way stretch material for increased strength and range of motion. The fabric is double-sided brushed for a soft, comfortable fit suitable for all-day use.

Deep, tight pockets

At We The People Holsters, our tactical leggings are attractive and practical. 

Concealed Carry Leggings with Pockets

The pockets provide ample space for your EDC needs, whether you want to carry your phone, wallet, pepper spray/Mace, or spare ammo. 

We reinforce the pockets of our tactical leggings with heavy-duty ballistic nylon, ensuring they hold your equipment securely and won’t rip.

Comfortable materials

Tight-fitting pants like leggings can cause irritation and discomfort for people with sensitive skin. We The People Holsters tactical leggings are crafted from ultra-soft double-sided brushed fabric that is gentle on your skin. 

The material is a 4-way stretch knit. This fabric remains opaque even when bending or stretching, offering you ample coverage for your backside.

Belt loops and concealed carry

In the standard-waist style, the Defender Tactical Leggings have belt loops and a reinforced waistband — ideal for carrying a concealed handgun and spare magazines on a gun belt. This is particularly useful for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry, where the elastic waistband holds the holster snugly against your torso.

Leggings with Belt Loops

A reinforced waistband is also useful should you incorporate a claw or wing to increase the concealability of the IWB holster. This device applies pressure against the inside of the waistband to force the holster against your body to reduce printing.

Tactical gun belt with talon buckle

The Defender Leggings with Belt Loops are compatible with our Tactical Gun Belt with Talon Buckle. This belt will fit 1.5” belt loops and is made using two layers of heavy-duty scuba webbing for increased rigidity and strength. The belt also includes an elastic magazine carrier for extra ammunition if you don’t have a magazine pouch. The Tactical Gun Belt is compatible with all our IWB and OWB holsters, so you have numerous EDC options to suit your preferred carry and draw method.

Moisture management

Our Defender Tactical Leggings feature moisture management technology. Moisture-wicking material is crucial for sportswear to help with temperature control and sweat management, but it’s also useful for tactical gear. If you want to participate in fast-paced shooting sports, such as 3-Gun, a pair of leggings that keep you cool and dry is essential.  

Styles and Sizing

Although form-fitting by design, correct sizing for tactical leggings is necessary for proper fit and comfort. Our Defender Leggings are available in the following sizes:

XS (0)

S (2–4)

M (6–8)

L (10–12)

XL (14–16)

2XL (16W/18W)

3XL (20W/22W)

We also provide a convenient sizing chart on every Defender page, including inseam, waist, and hip measurements, so you’re always able to find the perfect fit. However, if you need to exchange your leggings for any reason, we offer a 30-day exchange/refund policy — no questions asked.  

Shop the Best Tactical Leggings on the Market



At We The People Holsters, we understand the importance of being prepared for self-defense. To defend yourself, you must consider your firearm, holster, gun belt, and range accessories when choosing the right type of tactical leggings.

Our Defender Tactical Leggings afford the comfort and versatility you expect from yoga pants with the durability and practical design you need in a tactical setup. Whether you want tactical leggings for self-defense training, range practice, or competitive target shooting, the Defender is the optimal choice. 

But our Defender Tactical Leggings are not limited to shooting. You can wear these leggings at the office, the park, the grocery store, or while relaxing at home. Browse our selection of tactical leggings and other made in America apparel today.  

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